What We're Doing To Help Our Rivers

City-Wide Update

Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority (PWSA) completed an assessment evaluating the benefits of incorporating Green Infrastructure (GI) throughout the city to address regulatory requirements, as well as provide social, economic and environmental benefits. The City-Wide Green First Plan, released in December 2016, will guide where GI will be installed based on the effectiveness of capturing high volumes of stormwater runoff and feasibility of implementation. The findings of this evaluation will be used to reduce Combine Sewer Overflow (CSO) volumes within the PWSA service area. The findings will also guide and inform future capital improvement projects and urban planning decisions throughout the City. 

To view the City-Wide Green Plan click here

Green Infrastructure Grant Program

In 2015, PWSA started a Green Infrastructure Grant Program to support GI projects that decrease the amount of CSOs in the city, stimulate economic development, and revitalize neighborhoods. PWSA received 38 applications from property owners and community organizations through its first GI grant program.  PWSA and members of its GI Technical Advisory Committee have announced the awardees of the program.  For more information visit our website.


Green Infrastructure Projects

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PWSA Water Treatment Plant Raingarden

Saw Mill Run

Rosedale Reduction Runoff Project

Red Oak and Hayson GI Project

Melwood Project

Hillcrest GI Demonstration Project

Panther Hollow Lake Project

Mairdale Avenue Stream Inflow Mitigation Project

Maytide Stormwater Improvement Project

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