Cold Weather

If you experience frozen pipes inside your home you should locate and shut the main/meter valve as well as call a plumber immediately.

If you need assistance locating or shutting the main/meter valve, please call PWSA Dispatch 24/7 at 412-255-2423.
A PWSA plumber will shut the water at the curb.

Catch basins and the melting snow

Keep an eye out for snow and ice blocking catch basins. As the snow and ice begin to melt clogged drains mean flooding and
covered fire hydrants can mean big trouble for fire fighters and those they work to protect.

Report covered catch basins and fire hydrants to 311.

Follow PWSA on Twitter

PWSA is posting work locations, outages and water saving tips on Twitter. 

Check out the live twitter feed at the lower right side of the homepage!

Pay by Cash - 7 Eleven Locations

PWSA is now offering a new way to pay your bill.  Simply bring your bill stub to a 7-Eleven® location and tell the cashier the amount you wish to pay.  Convenience fee applies.

For more info click here.

Upgrading to An Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)

The Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority is upgrading to an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI).

Read our FAQ for more information.



Forbes Avenue at Pride Street (Bluff)

PWSA is preparing the site for a new water valve installation on Forbes Avenue at Pride Street in Bluff.

2/11/15 @ 3:55 pm
Altmar Street at Bellaire Place (Brookline)

PWSA is repairing a 15-inch sewer at Altmar Street and Bellaire Place in Brookline.

2/11/15 @ 3:55 pm
2nd Avenue (South Oakland)

PWSA is repairing a 36-inch water main on Second Avenue near Brady Street in South Oakland.

2/11/15 @ 3:55 pm
Provost Road at Arcata Street (Overbrook)

PWSA is installing a new 18-inch storm sewer at Provost Road and Arcata Street in Overbrook.

2/11/15 @ 3:55 pm
Aylesboro Avenue at Negley Avenue (Squirrel Hill)

PWSA is installing a new 20-inch water valve at Aylesboro Avenue and Negley Avenue in Squirrel Hill.

2/11/15 @ 3:55 pm
28th Street (Strip District)

PWSA is replacing a 12-inch water main on 28th Street between Smallman Street and Railroad Street in the Strip District.

2/11/15 @ 3:54 pm
34th Street at Mulberry Way (Lawrenceville)

PWSA is relaying a 10-inch sewer at 34th Street and Mulberry Way in Lawrenceville.

2/11/15 @ 3:54 pm
State Route 28 at State Route 8 (Etna)

PWSA is lining a 60-inch water transmission main on State Route 28 at State Route 8 in Etna. 

2/11/15 @ 3:54 pm
Sterling Street at Swearington Way (Arlington)

PWSA is installing an 18-inch storm sewer at Sterlington Street and Swearington Way in Arlington.

2/11/15 @ 3:54 pm
Liberty Avenue at Canoe Way (Bloomfield)

PWSA is installing a new fire hydrant at the intersection of Liberty Avenue and Canoe Way in Bloomfield.

2/11/15 @ 3:54 pm
Weherle Street (Millvale)

PWSA is replacing an 8-inch water main on Weherle Street in Millvale.

2/11/15 @ 3:54 pm
River Avenue (Strip District)

PWSA is installing a new 16-inch water main on River Avenue between 1075 Progress Street and 1376 River Avenue in the Strip District.

2/11/15 @ 3:54 pm
Ellsworth Avenue (Shadyside)

PWSA is replacing a 6-inch water main with a new 12-inch water main on Ellsworth Avenue between South Negley Avenue and Greenbriar Way in Shadyside.  

2/11/15 @ 3:54 pm
Dunseith Street (West Oakland)

PWSA is installing two new 8-inch water valves at 236 Dunseith Street in West Oakland.

2/11/15 @ 3:54 pm
Waterfront Place (Strip District)

A Private developer is installing new water and sewer infrastructure for a new development on Waterfront Place between 11th Street and 21st Street in the Strip District.

2/11/15 @ 3:54 pm
State Route 51 at State Route 88

PennDOT is installing new water and sewer infrastructure as part of the Rt. 51 at Rt. 88 intersection improvement project.

2/11/15 @ 3:54 pm
Valmont Street, Aylesboro Avenue and Northumberland Street (Squirrel Hill)

PWSA is working on a sewer improvement project on Valmont Street, Aylesboro Avenue and Northumberland Street in Squirrel Hill.  The project consists installing new 8", 15" and 24" storm sewers and a new 8" water main. 

2/11/15 @ 3:54 pm
Pittsburgh Zoo Parking Lot

PWSA is repairing a 30-inch sewer in the parking lot of the Pittsburgh Zoo. Due to the extreme depth of the existing sewer, the repair process is very extensive.

2/11/15 @ 3:54 pm
Heth's Run Bridge (Morningside)

PWSA is relocating a 72-inch storm sewer, 60-inch sanitary sewer and a 36-inch water main in coordination with PennDOT's replacement of Heth's Run Bridge in Morningside. 

2/11/15 @ 3:54 pm
West Carson Street (West End)

PennDOT is relocating a 20-inch water main and installing new separate sewers on West Carson Street between the West End Circle and McKees Rocks.

2/11/15 @ 3:54 pm
Mifflin Road at Lebanon Road (Lincoln Place)

PWSA is installing new sanitary sewers at Mifflin Road and Lebanon Road in Lincoln Place.

2/11/15 @ 3:53 pm
Kearsarge Street at Virginia Avenue (Mount Washington)

PWSA is repairing a 15-inch sewer at Kearsarge Street and Virginia Avenue in Mount Washington.

2/11/15 @ 3:53 pm