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PWSA Statement On Water Discoloration

Some neighborhoods are experiencing discoloration of water due to the presence of Manganese. Below is PWSA’s statement on the issue:

Manganese is a naturally occurring constituent in the Allegheny River, which is where PWSA draws its water. PWSA uses chemicals to help oxidize out the excess Manganese in the water, since it can start to discolor the water at certain levels. Manganese does not pose a health risk. Treatment limits are set up only to prevent discoloration. Residents are suggested to flush their tap prior to using, and although the water is aesthetically displeasing there are no known health risks.

PWSA is in the process of installing new filters at our main treatment facility near Aspinwall. The treatment facility contains 18 dual media filters, with a layer of sand and anthracite coal. The new filters do not yet have the conditioning that the old filters had to aid in the removal of excess Manganese, and PWSA is fine tuning conditioning techniques and using the oxidation technique of chlorine to aid in the removal of Manganese.


PWSA assures that the situation is being actively addressed and rectified soon.

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  • Tuesday, August 2, 2016

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