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PWSA Investigating Water System Leak: Update #1
UPDATE (2/15/17 at 8:15pm)

PWSA has isolated a large water system leak in the Lanpher reservoir service area that serves approximately 45,000 residents north of the Allegheny River. There is currently no risk to water quality or supply. The leak was isolated by closing valves on three water mains that cross the Allegheny River. Since the valves were closed this afternoon, water levels are increasing at the Highland 2 reservoir.

Tonight, PWSA is filling the Highland 2 reservoir to capacity. The Highland 2 reservoir can provide water service to the Lanpher service area tomorrow, if needed. Due to the leak, the Lanpher service area is estimated to be losing approximately 10,000 gallons per minute. This loss represents 20% of the average daily water production.

PWSA is working through the night to identify the exact location of the leak. We will continue to keep customers informed as the situation progresses.

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  • Wednesday, February 15, 2017

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