Woods Run Stormwater Project

Rendering of phase two project site at Mairdale Avenue.About the Project

Riverview Park is a city owned park located in the Perry North neighborhood. This project will use green stormwater infrastructure in the park to capture rainwater runoff, stabilize streams, and redirect and store stream water. Tree plantings will also increase rainwater capture. These improvements will reduce park flooding, combined sewer overflows to the Ohio River, and erosion. 



Phase I: Riverview Avenue 


Construction starts October 1, 2019 and is expected to be complete in winter 2019. 

Road and Trail Closures 

Map showing road and trail closures for project phase one

Riverview Avenue closed from Riverview Playground down to Riverview Drive.

Portions of Archery Trail, Bob Harvey Trail, and the unnamed trail by Dogwood Grove closed.

Project Areas

Area 1: Watson’s Run rain gardens.

Area 2: Horseshoe Bend rain gardens.

Tree Removals

Tree removals at the two project sites along Riverview Avenue will facilitate stormwater project construction and improve forest health.

Trees selected for removal were reviewed by the City of Pittsburgh and the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy. Some of the trees are dead, dying, or non-native.

A certified arborist will supervise construction.

After construction is complete, we will plant more trees than we removed. 

More Information 

Frequently Asked Questions for Phase I

September 27, 2019 Press Release


Phase II: Mairdale Avenue


Construction expected late summer 2020. 

Road and Trail Closures 

Map of Riverview Park showing project phases one and two.

Some road and trail closures expected. 

Project Areas

Area 3: Mairdale Avenue rain gardens.

Area 4: Mairdale Avenue park entrance stream uncovering, restoration, and storage.

Area 5: Old Wissahickon Road stream, trail, and forest restoration.

Area 6: Wetland and stream restoration.

Tree Plantings

Young native trees will be planted at select areas and fencing will be installed to protect the new trees from grazing deer. 

Allowing the forest to regenerate will reduce erosion and capture more stormwater.



The Woods Run Stormwater Project is part of our Capital Improvement Program. It is a ratepayer funded project and will receive partial funding from the Allegheny County Sanitary Authority (ALCOSAN) through the Green Revitalization of Our Waterways (GROW) grant program.


Project Coordination

  • Councilmember Darlene Harris, District 1
  • City of Pittsburgh 
  • Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy
  • Friends of Riverview Park
  • Northside Leadership Conference


Project Contact

Rebecca Zito
Communications Project Manager
412-255-8800 x 8538


Community Meetings

November 12, 2017

1st community meeting and site walk.

April 5, 2018

2nd community meeting with presentation of conceptual design alternatives.

June 4, 2018

3rd community meeting with presentation of selected design alternatives. 

May 14, 2019

4th community meeting with presentation of final design concepts.