Panther Hollow Lake Smart Valve System

Completed Green Stormwater

We installed a solar-powered smart valve system that uses remote monitoring and adaptive control technology to manage water levels at Panther Hollow Lake in Schenley Park, allowing for more stormwater storage.

Progress & Status

Construction Complete
  • The solar-powered, smart valve system will allow lake water levels to rise safely during rain events to store and retain storm water.
  • After the storm, the stored water is gradually released lowering the lake level to restore the volume needed to store stormwater from the next storm.  
  • This system also gives us the ability to continuously monitor and manage the water level of the lake from a remote location.
  • This innovative stormwater management system will reduce millions of gallons of combined sewer overflows into our rivers and streams each year.

Locations & Schedule

Location Details:
Panther Hollow Lake in Schenley Park

Start Date: 2018

Completion Date: 2018