Rosedale Runoff Reduction Project

Completed Stormwater

We collaborated on two UpstreamPgh (formerly Nine Mile Run Watershed Association) stormwater management projects in the East Hills Neighborhood. At Oakwood and Batavia Streets, runoff is redirected into roadside ditches. At Crescent Elementary School, runoff from the street and the school is redirected into rain gardens.

Progress & Status

Construction Complete
  • These projects support the goals of UpstreamPgh's larger Rosedale Runoff Reduction Project. 
  • Native plants and trees to slow down and absorb the stormwater. 
  • Underground storage holds excess stormwater then slowly releases it into the combined sewer system after the height of the storm.
  • Post construction monitoring is ongoing to measure the effectiveness of these two projects.
  • Additonal information about the Oakwood-Batavia Green Stormwater Infrastructure and the Crescent Early Childhood Center Green Stormwater Infrastructure are available on UpstreamPgh's website. 
  • As part of our Haverhill Stormwater Improvements Project, we are planning to evaluate the impact of a nearby groundwater seep on the Oakwood-Batavia Green Stormwater Infrastructure and consider repairs and/or improvements to the existing green stormwater infrastructure. 

Locations & Schedule

Location Details:
Site 1: Oakwood and Batavia Streets. Site 2: Crescent Early Childhood Center

Start Date: Design: 2015. Construction: 2016.

Completion Date: Design: 2016. Construction: 2016.

Map of the Rosedale Runoff Reduction Project locations at Oakwood and Batavia Streets and the Crescent Early Childhood Center.

8080 Bennett Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15221
United States