Service & Account Changes

This section provides information on starting or stopping service, water meter replacements, water meter sizing, and changing a billing address and contact information.

​​​​​​​Service Changes

To start or discontinue water service, please call Customer Service at 412-255-2423 (Press 5). You will need to provide the service address, the billing address, a phone number, and the start or end date for the service. 

You can also fill out the following forms to shut service at a property:

The completed form can be mailed or emailed to us at:

Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority (PWSA)
ATTN: Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)
1200 Penn Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Water Meter Replacement

If a meter is leaking, broken, or otherwise operating improperly, you can request a replacement meter from us by contacting Customer Service at 412-255-2423 (Press 5). 

Meter Replacement Program

We systematically replace old meters inside homes throughout our service area. If you are contacted in writing to schedule an appointment to replace your meter, please call Customer Service at 412-255-2423 (Press 5) to schedule a time that is convenient for you. We provide and install the meter at no cost. New meters are more accurate, so you may see an increase in your bill after replacement. 

Water Meter Sizing

Occasionally, the size of a meter installed when a structure was originally built is no longer appropriate. Additionally, the minimum monthly charge for a water bill is calculated based upon the size of the meter. If the meter is too large, a property owner may be paying more than is required. This may result in a meter sizing request.

Visit our Water Meter Sizing page to learn more about the upsizing or downsizing of water meters, and how to submit a water meter sizing request. 

Account Changes

Change or Add a Billing Address 

To change your account's billing address, please complete and return the Owner/Tenant Change of Address Form. If a tenant is being added to an account, both the owner and tenant must sign the form. 

The completed form must be mailed or emailed to us at:  

Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority (PWSA)
ATTN: Customer Service
1200 Penn Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Please allow seven to ten (7-10) business days for processing. For tenants, a monthly invoice will be sent to the tenant and a copy will be sent to the owner.

Change or Add Contact Information for Water Emergencies or Outages

It is important to verify that we have the best number to reach you. You can even add multiple numbers for your account, so your entire household is informed about our work. You can update your information online by submitting our Update Contact Information webform. You can also call Customer Service at 412-255-2423 (Press 5).

We are committed to maintaining and protecting the confidentiality and privacy of our customers and will not share your information with third party vendors.

Looking for Information About Your Account and Bills?

Please visit our Account & Billing Info page for information about paying your bill, understanding your bill, checking water usage, applying for a refund, customer rights, and submitting a data protection release. 

Looking for Information About Buying or Selling a Property?

Please visit our Buying or Selling Property page to learn about the final bill application and dye testing requirements for buying or selling a property in the City of Pittsburgh or our service areas.