PWSA Lead Service Line Map

PWSA is in the process of performing Curb Box Inspections throughout the City of Pittsburgh to determine which water service lines are made of lead pipe. The portion of the water service line that is public and owned by PWSA runs from the water main in the street to the “curb stop” (water service shutoff valves, usually located in the sidewalk between the water main and the building). The remainder of the line that connects from the curb stop to the building is considered private property. 

This searchable interactive map indicates the results where inspections have already occurred around the city and where PWSA plans to replace lead service lines in 2018:

Click here to view a full-screen version of the map


The maps provided by the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority (PWSA) are based on historical data, service line inspections or both. PWSA does not guarantee the accuracy of these records and maps, which shall be used for the sole purpose of providing property owners and residents with the best available data regarding lead service lines, and not for any commercial, legal or other use. These records will be updated as PWSA gathers additional information. PWSA reserves the right to alter, amend or terminate at any time the display of these maps and records.