Water and Sewer Use Application

The purpose of the Water and Sewer Use Application is for PWSA to review peak daily flow calculations for a proposed development. The flows determine the tapping fee amount and if additional sewage facilities planning is required.

Sewage facilities planning is complicated! We have created a handy flow chart to help applicants understand how PWSA evaluates their water and sewer use application.

General Requirements

PWSA requires that a Water and Sewer Use Application be completed by the applicant to confirm the amount of water and sewage flow from a development in the following scenarios:

  1. New water and/or sewer tap(s) for residential development larger than one single family residential unit
  2. New water and/or sewer tap(s) for all proposed subdivisions
  3. New water and/or sewer tap(s) for all proposed multi-units, commercial, industrial, and institutional developments
  4. Change of use of facility/property
  5. Increase in flows to an existing connection to a PWSA sewer

The Water and Sewer Use Application is to be submitted and approved by PWSA prior to the submission of a DEP Sewage Facilities Planning Module.

Submission Requirements

A Water and Sewer Use Application (updated May 11, 2021) must be completed and electronically submitted to PWSA via e-Builder after your pre-development meeting. Several documents must also be submitted with the application including:

  • Project narrative - describe the building uses, existing flows, projects, flows, and tapping locations
  • Flow calculations - provide engineered stamped calculations of the amount of water and sewer flows for the project
  • Site plan or tap-in plans - tap-in plans may be submitted at this stage if available
  • Plumbing plans - provide internal plumbing schematic
  • Floor plans - provide floors plans to confirm the use of structure

The Developer's Manual contains a full set of instructions to complete the application and supporting documentation. The most relevant section is Section 3 - Water and Sewer Use Application.

Contact our Development Coordinator with any questions. 

Jordan Treaster

E: jtreaster@pgh2o.com