Photo of the Herron Hill Reservoir and Tank The Herron Hill Reservoir and Tank located in the Hill District

Our drinking water system contains approximately 965 miles of water lines, five reservoirs, and 11 tanks with a water storage capacity of 455 million gallons. In addition, we provide bulk water to Reserve Township, Fox Chapel, and Aspinwall, along with being interconnected to several other regional water systems for emergency purposes. 

Our water distribution system, built nearly a century ago, is a vast, complex network that was designed to take advantage of Pittsburgh’s unique geography. Gravity, along with the help of pump stations, reservoirs, and tanks, moves water throughout Pittsburgh’s hills and valleys. 

It has served us well for generations, and we are now making the necessary improvements to ensure the delivery of safe, reliable water for future generations. Our capital improvement program identifies the investment we will make in our drinking water over the next several years. This includes the continuation of our aggressive Community Lead Response and building redundancy and resiliency into our distribution system. 

Design rendering for the Highland Park Pump Station near Mellon Terrace in Highland Park Rendering of the Highland Park Pump Station

It will take time to make these improvements, but several projects including the Lanpher Rising Main, the Highland Park Pump Station and Rising Main, as well as security enhancements at the Highland I Reservoir and water treatment improvements at the Membrane Filtration Plant in Highland Park are already underway. You can learn more about these projects and others by visiting the Projects & Maintenance section of the website.

These projects will jumpstart a series of future projects that will lead to significant reinvestment in our most critical infrastructure including the Aspinwall Treatment Plant and the Clearwell. More information about our investment in our water future is available at pgh2o2030.com.