2022 Business Development Series

Business Development Series Event Graphic

As part of a continued community engagement initiative, PWSA is conducting a Business Development Series through June 22. The series aims to provide more information about PWSA services and regulations to small and historically marginalized business owners, building managers, developers, consultants, engineering firms, and contractors. We designed each educational session to bring awareness around recent policy updates, new regulations, available resources, and technology processes to make our systems easier to navigate. PWSA staff members will focus on our most common touchpoints and roadblocks for commercial customers. The remaining topics include permitting, dye testing, backflow prevention, and contracting among others.

Registration for upcoming sessions is ongoing!

Session 1: The Future of Stormwater & the Stormwater Fee for Business Owners, & Developers

Learn more about the updated stormwater ordinances, the new monthly stormwater fee, and what you can do to reduce the fee.

Session 2: Do I need a permit? Demystifying the Development Permit Process

A review of our development permit process, the 2022 Developer's Manual, and a guide to the CityGrows permitting portal.

Session 3: Maintaining Your Business: Backflow Devices, Leaks, Conservation, & Other Maintenance Tips

A guide for maintenance and operating tips related to water and sewer service for commercial buildings.