Developer's Manual & Standard Details

The PWSA Developer's Manual and Standard Details outline the rules and regulations to tap into our water and sewer system. We strive to maintain a positive and transparent relationship with our business community partners. If any requirements are unclear or your property doesn't quite fit into the standards, reach out to our Industry Relations Manager to discuss.

Industry Relations Manager

Julie Asciolla


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Developer's Manual

PWSA's Developer's Manual is a guide on the procedures and regulations for developments tapping into a new and existing public sewer or water facilities and for constructing new facilities to be dedicated to PWSA. The purpose of this manual is to describe the development permit application process, the requirements of the application materials, and the developer’s responsibilities. To ensure timely review and approval of tap-in plans, this manual is to be used in conjunction with an open dialogue with PWSA.

At a minimum, this manual will be updated annually. More frequent updates may occur as procedures or regulations change.

PWSA Developer's Manual - Updated April 24th, 2020

After the Board approval in April, we held a live webinar on May 5th, 2020 to talk through the most significant changes to the manual. The recorded version is available for review.

2020 Developer's Manual Updates Webinar May 5, 2020

Standard Details

All taps, terminations, and facility installations must be made in accordance with PWSA standard details. All applicable details must be included on tap-in plans or private construction drawings to be approved by PWSA prior to beginning any water and sewer work.

 Water Standard Details

 Sewer Standard Details

 Private Construction Details

 Symbol Legend for Private Construction