Supplier Diversity Program

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Our Supplier Diversity team is now offering biweekly virtual office hours. Schedule a time to talk with Emily about our Supplier Diversity Program and get your questions answered! Office Hours are open to all vendors.

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PWSA's Supplier Diversity Program (SDP) ensures that minority, women, veteran, LGBT, disabled-owned, and small businesses can participate in contracting opportunities. We believe that providing contracting opportunities for a diversity of businesses, contractors, and sub-contractors helps to bolster the economic vitality of our local business community and the Pittsburgh region. 

PWSA’s SDP Policy includes a spending goal of 10-25% on all contracts to minority, women, veteran, disabled, LGBT, and small business owners. We make every effort to meet this goal and encourage contractors to partner with diverse businesses when seeking subcontractors. If unable to meet the minimum goals, a Good Faith Effort Waiver will be required.

Our MWDBE resource list of supporting organizations can be helpful in meeting the minimum participation goals.

See How We're Doing

Review our 2023 Supplier Diversity Annual Report to see how we’re meeting our commitment to contracting with diverse vendors while driving economic investment that benefits our local and regional economy.    

The new policy also introduces Good Faith Waivers. If a firm submitting a proposal cannot meet the PWSA goal, a Good Faith Waiver must be submitted with the proposal package. A good faith effort shall include one or more of the following:

  1. Documentation of direct contact with disadvantaged firms
  2. Advertisements to disadvantaged firms through focused media
  3. Solicitations of community organizations that provide assistance to disadvantaged firms
  4. Written feedback to any firm that was solicited but whose bid was rejected
  5. Providing assistance to MWDBE firms to obtain any items necessary to satisfactorily complete the contract such as insurance, bonds, materials, equipment or other project related components.
  6. A narrative explanation as to why the contract does not have any subcontracting opportunities
  7. Other documentation that effectively demonstrates outreach to MWDBE firms

Our MWDBE resource list of supporting organizations can be helpful to meet the minimum participation goals.

Working with PWSA as an MWDBE Firm


PWSA is not a certifying agency and therefore accepts most certifications from other agencies. We maintain a list of certifying agencies and supporting organizations. If you do not see an agency listed, please reach out to our Senior Manager, Performance to confirm acceptance of certification. 

Pre-Bid Meetings

We hold mandatory pre-bid meetings for most solicitations. This is a great opportunity to network with other firms wanting to submit a proposal. Sign-in sheets are available at request for each pre-bid meeting. 

Outreach Events

We promote our upcoming solicitations at events throughout the year. Keep an eye on our events calendar to meet with us in person. 


For more information contact:

Emily Pontarelli, Senior Manager, Performance


T: 412.255.8800 ext. 6440