Under our current rates, the average residential customers using 3,000 gallons of water per month will pay about $76 per month for water and wastewater conveyance. We also offer a bill discount program for income-qualified households that provides a 100 percent reduction in these monthly minimum charges. This is a discount of $35.78 per month for the average residential water and sewer customer.

Your ratepayer dollars are directed to essential water, sewer, and stormwater investments throughout our service area. Unlike investor-owned utilities, we do not have shareholders and do not generate a profit. Instead, our primary focus is on delivering the best possible service, at the lowest possible cost, for our customers. 

Any ratepayer revenue that we do not spend in 2021 will be used to finance future infrastructure improvements or to reduce future rate increases.

Your ratepayer support will help us achieve our goals, including transparency, accountability, reliability, affordability, and more. These goals include:

  • Responsibly and sustainably managing Pittsburgh’s water – now and in the future
  • Providing safe, reliable water 24/7/365, and providing excellent customer service
  • Renewing and upgrading our drinking water, stormwater, and sewer infrastructure to exceed all compliance standards
  • Prioritizing public health and replacing all lead service lines 
  • Making water service accessible, through customer assistance to our income-qualified customers and by continuing a moratorium on winter water shut-offs
  • Being accountable, accessible, and fully transparent 
  • Fairly and equitably charging each customer based on their usage of our system
  • Being a valued regional environmental steward of our most precious resource – water

Current Rates

Effective January 14, 2021, charges for metered water and sewer conveyance are determined and billed monthly, as follows:

Meter Size Minimum Gallons Minimum Charge: Water Minimum Charge: Sewer Total Minimum Charge
*5/8" 1,000 $27.27 $8.51 $35.78
3/4" 2,000 $44.37 $17.23 $61.60
1" 5,000 $89.82 $40.92 $130.74
1 1/2" 10,000 $175.30 $84.51 $259.81
2" 17,000 $289.14 $143.07 $432.21
3" 40,000 $641.48 $326.33 $967.81
4" 70,000 $1,084.28 $558.31 $1,642.59
6" 175,000 $2,558.16 $1,338.15 $3,896.31
8" 325,000 $4,596.96 $2,424.04 $7,021.00
10" or larger 548,000 $7,515.81 $3,991.08 $11,506.89
Fire Line Minimum Charge
1" or less       $33.24
1 1/2" - 3"       $101.97
4"       $314.42
6" or greater       $626.83
*Typical single-family residential meter size


For every 1,000 gallons over the minimum, the rate is the following:

Account Classification Water Allocation Sewer Allocation Total Combined Rate
*Residential Property $12.25 $7.64 $19.89
Commercial Property $11.95 $6.74 $18.69
Industrial Property $10.31 $6.15 $16.46
Health or Education Property $15.29 $8.44 $23.73
Fire Systems
(use other than reported fire - Rule 304.9)
$14.01 - $14.01
*Average consumption for a single-family residence is 3,000 gallons per month.

Sample Residential Customer Bill

Water consumption is based on gallons of water consumed. All customers are charged for a minimum amount based on meter size. The average residential customer is billed for a 5/8" meter and 3,000 gallons of water each billing cycle.
Water Minimum Charge
(less than or equal to 1,000 gallons)
Water Consumption Charge
(for every full 1,000 gallons over the minimum, PWSA charges $12.25)
The wastewater conveyance rate is based on gallons of water released into the sewer system. The average residential customer is billed for a 5/8" meter and 3,000 gallons of water into the sewer system.
Wastewater Conveyance Minimum Charge
(less than or equal to 1,000 gallons)
Wastewater Conveyance Volume Charge
(for every full 1,000 gallons over the minimum, PWSA charges $7.64)
PWSA bills on behalf of ALCOSAN for the treatment of wastewater. ALCOSAN's rates are separate from PWSA. Their rates are set annually and the amount that they charge for the treatment of wastewater is reflected in your bill from PWSA.
PWSA Charges $75.56
ALCOSAN $33.67
PWSA and ALCOSAN $109.23