Service Outages

The Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority strives to provide up-to-date information about service interruptions happening in our service area. If you are experiencing a service interruption, please use the map below for more information about work happening in your neighborhood.

PWSA does not guarantee the accuracy of this information, which shall be used for the sole purpose of providing customers and residents with data regarding work happening in our service area. This information shall not be used for any other purposes including, but not limited to, commercial, legal, or other use. This information may be amended, altered, and/or updated as PWSA learns more about the service interruption and performs the necessary work to restore service.

Outage Instructions

To use the service outage map, please click the plus sign and follow the provided instructions

  1. Click the Upcoming Outages tab at the bottom of the window to show planned outages. On mobile, use the right arrow on the tab at the bottom to navigate to upcoming outages.
  2. Click the Recently Restored Outages tab to show outages that have been restored in the past 24 hours. On mobile, use the right arrow on the tab at the bottom to navigate to recently restored outages.

Red diamond - active outage

Blue circle - upcoming outage

Green square - recently completed outage