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Permitting your project

Wondering how to get water and sewer service for your construction project?  Head to our permit portal to get started or read below for more information.

Permit Portal
Developer's Report

Our development services team produces a quarterly report updating stakeholders on our latest permitting process updates and application review stats. Check out the latest report!

Permit Types

Operations Permits

Operations Permits

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Many construction projects require submission to PWSA to obtain a permit for the use of fire hydrants or waterline shut-offs. A permit will be issued and the applicant will schedule a time with our operations team to execute the permit.

Residential Permit

Residential Permit

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Residential permits are for single-family homes that require new water and/or sewer taps or are reconnecting to an existing water and/or sewer service. This includes any partyline separations. Residential permits do not require tap-in drawings.

The residential permit application fee is $40. In addition to the permit fee, applicants must purchase the tap connection and the meter. This cost will vary based on size. Typical connections for a single-family home are 1" service line and 5/8" meter at a total cost of $570. Please see our fee schedule for larger sizes.

If your project includes any of the following, a development permit will be required.

  • A single-family home with fire protection service
  • A lot has been subdivided 
  • More than 2 homes are being constructed as part of a planned development
  • More than 2 taps are to be terminated
  • Taps located on more than one lot are to be terminated

Work occurring within a PennDOT right-of-way will require a Highway Occupancy Permit. The permit is initiated by the applicant to PWSA. PWSA submits the permit to PennDOT on behalf of the applicant. The Allegheny County "Who Owns My Infrastructure?" map is a good resource to determine if your project is within a PennDOT right-of-way.

Development Permit

Development Permit

All projects that do not fit the definition of a residential permit will require a development permit. You will want to begin this process as early as possible in your development timeline. Some building permits require PWSA approval prior to issuance. Complete rules and regulations can be found in our Developer’s Manual. 

Development Process Overview

Flowchart of the development permit process. Flowchart outlining the major steps of the development permit process.

Pre-Development Meeting

All developments, regardless of the scope, are required to attend a pre-development meeting. The pre-development meeting is an opportunity to discuss your project through a Microsoft Teams virtual meeting. Please take a moment to review the Agenda to help guide the discussion. Schedule a meeting here.

Development Permit Application

The development permit application is a review of your project's water and sewer connections. This may include a DEP Sewage Facilities Planning Module and a Tap-In Plan Review.

Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Sewage Facilities Planning Module (DEP SFPM)

Most developments proposing an increase in flows or subdividing lots will be subject to a DEP SFPM review. PWSA will evaluate the project information provided in the initial development permit application for criteria that may require a DEP submission. Click here to learn more.

Flowchart for Private Construction of Public Facilities process. Flowchart outlining the major steps of the Private Construction of Public Facilities process.

Water and Sewer Tap-in Plan Review

Any project proposing to connect, reconnect or terminate water and/or sewer service to PWSA owned infrastructure must submit Professional Engineer stamped plans for review. Click here to learn more.

Extension or Relocation of PWSA Facilities

We work with developers who propose to construct, reconstruct, or modify a public sewer, water main, or associated public infrastructure such as hydrants, catch basins, and valves. Click here to lean more.

Utility Letter Request

Utility Letter Request

Encroachment, street vacations, and street dedication permits initiated through the City of Pittsburgh Department of Mobility and Infrastructure (DOMI) require a utility letter from PWSA. The fee is $80. A review will occur within 30 business days. 

To obtain a utility letter from PWSA for a street vacation or dedication, you must submit the following:

  • Utility Survey w/ property lines, parcel numbers, proposed vacation extents, owners, and known PWSA facilities. The utility survey must be signed and sealed by a Professional Land Surveyor licensed in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
  • Legal Description of Proposed Vacation or Dedication Area
  • Construction or Grading Plans for Proposed Vacation or Dedication Area

To obtain a letter of approval from PWSA for an encroachment permit, you must submit the following:

  • Construction plans for the proposed encroachment

PWSA may require a utility easement to be executed prior to the issuance of an approval letter. It is the applicant's responsibility to record the easement after approval from City Council. 

Land Operations

Land Operations

A land operations permit may be required for a construction project. This City of Pittsburgh ordinance is administered and enforced by the Department of Permits, Licenses and Inspections (PLI) but requires a review by PWSA before a permit will be issued. 

The PWSA review of a land operations application is to ensure that no PWSA infrastructure is affected by the scope of work. A full submission package includes all documentation required by PLI. Generally, the documents include a permit application and drawings stamped by a certified engineer. Additionally, PWSA requires a plan that shows all water, sewer, and storm lines near the project location. 

A review fee of $80 is required. A review will occur within 30 business days. 

Permitting Fees

All permitting fees are set through our water and wastewater tariffs and approved the Pennsylvania Public Utilities Commission. View our permitting fee schedule. 

Contact Us

Applicants can reach out to our permitting division with any questions by emailing or calling 412-255-2423 Option 4.

Development Permit applicants can reach out to our Development Coordinator, Jordan Treaster, at