Online permitting and credit card payments now available!

We are excited to launch our new online permitting system! The online system offers exciting new resources such as credit card payments, email notifications, chat discussions, digital permits, and 24/7 access to your user dashboard.

Access the PWSA Permitting Portal

No paper applications will be accepted for these permits. First-time applicants will be prompted to register for an account. For applicants that want to pay by check, begin your application online and mail your check to:

1200 Penn Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Attn: Permits

A technician will process the check and complete your permit digitally.

Need help submitting an application? Click here for a library of tutorials. Additionally, applicants can reach out to our permitting division with any questions by emailing or calling 412-255-2423 Option 4.

Permit Types

Operations Permits

Operations Permits are for any customers that want to schedule an operation of a PWSA facility such as a fire hydrant or waterline shut. 


Residential Permits

Residential Permits are for any customers that require water and/or sewer service for a single-family home, reconnecting a broken sewer lateral or waterline for a single-family home, or separating a party line. 

Development Permits

Development Permits are for any customers constructing or renovating a structure that is larger than a single-family home. This includes single-family homes with a fire service line or multi-family homes.

Tap Termination Permits

Tap Termination Permits are for any customer that needs to remove an active water or sewer tap. All building demolitions require that the tap be terminated at the connection to the main. 

If you are redeveloping a property, tap terminations may be included with your development permit application.

Land Operation Permits

Land Operation Permits are for any customer that is proposing any earth movement on a property. This permit begins at the City of Pittsburgh Department of Permits, Licenses, and Inspections but requires PWSA review and approval.

Work could include excavation and/or fill involving:

  • Impermeable / Semipermeable Surfacing: placing and/or installing impermeable or semipermeable surfacing.
  • Removal of Vegetation, Trees and/or Ground Cover: applies to removal of vegetation, trees and/or ground cover.
  • Surface Mining: applies to surface mining.

Street Vacation Approval

A street vacation approval is for any property owner initiating a street vacation request to the City of Pittsburgh.

Maps and Records Request

Close up view of architectural details of the Ross Pumping Station. Architectural Details of the Ross Pumping Station built in the early 1900s.

Looking for infrastructure maps, drill sheets, or other historical records for your project? PWSA maintains records that can be helpful for locating existing infrastructure.

Records provided may not represent current infrastructure due to policy changes over time. Maps and records do not supersede any State laws that require submission of a PA One Call request or the completion of any due diligence investigations on site.

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