Extension or Relocation of PWSA Facilities

We work with developers who propose to construct, reconstruct, or modify a public sewer, water main, or associated public infrastructure such as hydrants, catch basins, and valves.

To start the discussion with us, schedule a pre-development meeting. At this meeting, requirements will be addressed in detail.

General Requirements

Fire hydrants and pipe extensions piled in a storage yard before going into the ground.

In general, the following are required:

  • New infrastructure must be located in a public right-of-way (ROW). If proposing new infrastructure in a new ROW, it must be dedicated to the City of Pittsburgh. Applications start with the Department of Mobility and Infrastructure.
  • All infrastructure will be constructed at the developer's expense.
  • Installation must follow PWSA Standard Details.
  • A development agreement between applicable parties must be executed.
  • All required documentation must be submitted before commencing construction.
  • No new dead-end waterlines are permitted. The line must be looped.
  • PWSA must be on-site for inspections at intervals established by PWSA.
  • Street opening, traffic obstruction, and PennDOT HOP permits must be obtained by the developer if required.
  • Specific requirements are outlined in Section 8 of our Developer's Manual

Contact our Development Coordinator with any questions. 

Jordan Treaster

E: jtreaster@pgh2o.com