Buying or Selling Property

Photo of a townhouse with a for sale sign

When buying or selling property in the City of Pittsburgh or in our service areas, you may be required to complete one of the following steps. The requirements are to ensure that your account is closed without an outstanding balance and that your property complies with the City of Pittsburgh's Dye Testing Ordinance. 

Final Bill Application

All property owners who wish to sell a property with a billing account in our service areas must submit a final bill application.

Visit our Final Bill Application page to learn how to submit a Final Bill Application Form by mail or email, or through a webform. The form must be returned to us within seven to ten (7-10) working days prior to the closing date upon sale of a property.

Dye Testing

All property owners who wish to sell a property in the City of Pittsburgh must be in compliance with the Dye Testing Ordinance before the property can be sold. 

Visit our Dye Testing page to learn how to submit an Evidence of Compliance Certificate Request Form, which is required to determine if a property is in compliance or if it will need a dye test prior to selling. A dye test is used to verify if the gutters, driveway drains, yard drains, or other stormwater collection devices are connected to a sanitary sewer that is intended to carry raw sewage only. This type of connection is not allowed and must be fixed before the sale of a property.


Unpaid water and/or wastewater charges are a lien on the property. For more information, visit our Liens page.