Unpaid water and/or wastewater charges are a lien on the property, independent of whether the service is provided to a Tenant or other Non-Owner OccupantsAny account with past due charges may be sent a reminder notice which shall contain notification that unpaid water and/or wastewater charges are a lien against the property. The Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority may exercise its rights to file the lien on a property where a delinquent balance accumulated.

Once filed with the Department of Court Records for Allegheny County, the lien (together with interest and fees) would need to be paid prior to the sale or refinancing of the property by the owner. The Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority could also take action to enforce the lien which could result in the sale of the property.

Please read our Supplemental Service Conditions for detailed information about liens.

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Rules & Regulations

For an overview of the rates, rules, and regulations that govern water and wastewater service with the PWSA service area, visit our Rules & Regulations page.