Common Issues & Questions

Important Information About Issues Related to Projects & Maintenance

Street & Sidewalk Restoration

Visit our Street & Sidewalk Restoration page for information about when restorations take place following both planned construction projects and emergency repairs, and how the schedule works.  

Storm Drains

Visit our Storm Drains page for information about how you can help us keep our neighborhoods and waterways safe and clean by reporting issues and properly disposing of harmful debris that can find its way into our sewers.

Report a Claim for Damages

Visit our Report a Claim for Damages page to report damages to private property or personal injury as a result of water leakage or other activities of the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority. 

Water Main Breaks

Visit our Water Main Breaks page for information about the causes of water main breaks, water outages that happen during repairs, how long repairs take, and more. 

Sewage Backups

Visit our Sewage Backups page to find out what steps you should take in the event of a sewage backup in your home or business. 


Visit our Hydrants page for information about the process of hydrant flushing and important safety tips for both cold and warm weather.

No Parking

Visit our No Parking page for information about our no parking policy in both planned and emergency work situations.