Street & Sidewalk Restoration

We are responsible for street restorations or paving after emergency repairs and planned construction projects. However, restoration does not always take place immediately after work is completed. Restorations are handled differently depending on the type of work we performed and weather.

Planned Construction Projects

Street restorations for planned construction projects take place soon after the work is completed. These projects typically take place in the spring through the fall when asphalt plants are open.

Emergency Repairs

Water main breaks and sewer failures are common examples of emergency repairs. These unplanned events require that we dig into roadways and sidewalks. Sometimes this work happens in the winter months when asphalt plants are closed. 

After an emergency repair is made, the street and/or sidewalk will be either temporarily or permanently restored depending on the time of year. We cannot provide permanent pavement restorations until temperatures are warmer in the spring through fall.

Paving Schedule

Final restoration is completed in the warmer months in spring through fall. Due to the high number of restoration sites, in part because of our aggressive lead service line replacement program, it may take several weeks before sites are restored permanently. A press release with restoration locations is posted on our Concrete & Paving page on a weekly basis during paving season. Please note that the work is weather dependent and subject to change.

Also, asphalt crews and concrete crews work independently of each other. This means that it is not uncommon to see street paving and sidewalk replacement happening at different times. In an effort to be as efficient as possible, we organize our projects by neighborhood so contractors do not need to move their materials and equipment across our service area on a daily basis. This reduces our costs and saves our ratepayers money. We appreciate your understanding and patience as we work to perform our work as quickly and responsibly as possible.