Pipe Ownership

A common question we receive is "Who fixes a leak on my water/sewer line?" The answer varies based on a few factors. Read through the explanation provided here to clarify when PWSA will make repairs and when the property owner will need to call a plumber.

Water Infrastructure

A diagram of the intersection between a PWSA owned water main and portion of a service line, and the privately owned portion of the service line and water meter.

A water service line runs between the PWSA water main in the street and the water meter located inside a structure.  Each water service line includes a curb box that encases the valves to turn off water flow to the structure. It is typically located in the sidewalk. The portion of the water service line from the main to, and including, the curb box is the responsibility of PWSA. The portion between the curb box and the water meter is the responsibility of the property owner. However, commercial property owners are responsible for the maintenance of the entire water service line from the water main to the water meter. 

Sewer Infrastructure

Sewer line ownership infographic.

A sewer lateral runs from the PWSA sewer main to your internal plumbing. The entire sewer lateral is the responsibility of both residential and commercial property owners. PWSA maintains the sewer main and a small portion at the joint, which is known as a wye.