Mission, Vision, and Core Values

Mission seal with core values


The Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority is entering a new era – one with a renewed emphasis on public health, the environment, and our responsibility to serve as steadfast stewards of the vital water services our region relies on each day. To ensure we can continue this momentum, we recently embarked on a Strategic Planning Project to redefine our Mission, Vision, and Core Values.

Announcing our Mission, Vision, and Core Values

Mission, Vision, and Core Values

Mission Statement

To support our region by protecting public health and the environment through the delivery of safe and reliable water services with a commitment to future generations.

Vision Statement

To transform Pittsburgh’s water system while being recognized by our customers as a trusted service provider and a steadfast steward of a vital public asset. 

Core Values

  • Stewardship: As a public utility, we are responsible for serving as mindful stewards of our water system and continuing to provide essential and dependable water services now and for generations to come. Right now, we’re making decisions that will impact Pittsburgh for the next 100 years.
  • Ethics & Integrity: We act ethically and with integrity in all instances, both as individuals and as an organization. This means modeling honesty, transparency, and professionalism in everything we do, including environmental and regulatory compliance.
  • Accountability: We are all held accountable, both individually in our everyday roles and as one organization. Only by doing what we promised can we rebuild trust with the community.
  • Safety: We ensure a safe working environment for employees, the safety of our infrastructure assets, and the safety of the millions of gallons of water delivered to customers every day.
  • Equity: We strive to deliver quality and affordable water services to every community in our service area, and to create a workplace that reflects the diversity of those communities.