Lead Information

Many old water lines throughout Pittsburgh may be made of lead. Exposure to lead in drinking water can cause serious health effects in all age groups. Infants and children can have decreases in IQ and attention span. Lead exposure can lead to new learning and behavior problems or exacerbate existing learning and behavior problems. The children of women who are exposed to lead before or during pregnancy can have increased risk of these adverse health effects. Adults can have increased risks of heart disease, high blood pressure, kidney or nervous system problems.

The Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority is implementing an aggressive Community Lead Response program to replace lead lines throughout our water service area. Since our lead line replacement program first began in 2016, we have replaced thousands of lead service lines and are on track to replace each one in Pittsburgh by 2026. We also have a dedicated Lead Help customer service team that is available to answer questions, and work with you to improve the safety and quality of your drinking water. For more information about our Community Lead Response program and to request a free lead test kit, please visit our lead website.