Identify Private Service Line Material

Service line infographic explaining public vs private ownership of a water service line.

PWSA is asking some water service customers to identify their private service line material to improve our overall inventory. With a complete inventory, we will know which homes still have lead service lines that need to be replaced. We ask that you find where your water service line enters your property, usually in the basement, and do a few tests on the pipe to determine its material. Sometimes, it's as easy as looking at the pipe to know what its made of. For other pipe materials, you may need to scratch it with a key or touch it with a magnet to determine the material. 

We thank you for your cooperation in this program to improve our inventory and help us with future lead line replacement efforts.

Is your property included in the survey?

Search your address below to see if we still need updated private service line information. If your address is not marked on the map, we already have updated information for you. 

You can also view the map below in full-screen.


If you have any questions or are having trouble completing the survey, contact the Lead Help Desk at 412-255-8987 or email