Street and Sidewalk Restoration Schedule

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After we complete a water or sewer repair, we must then come back and repave or re-concrete the area we impacted as part of our work. This multi-million dollar effort improves streets and sidewalks throughout our service area as a result of our work underground.

We are responsible for asphalt and concrete replacement after emergency water and sewer repairs or infrastructure upgrade projects. When a job is complete, the location is given to the restoration contract, which sends asphalt, concrete, and line painting crews out to restore the area to its former condition. When work happens on your street, it may be a few weeks until paving and concrete crews return. Crews move in an orderly fashion around our service area completing work, focusing on all the locations in one area before moving onto the next.

Percentage completion on this project refers to the total number of sites addressed as part of this construction contract and does not reference to the total number of PWSA restoration sites completed over time.

Progress & Status

Construction Complete

Street and sidewalk restoration locations for May 24th are as follows: 

  • 4627 Baum Boulevard
  • 625 Melwood Avenue
  • 477 Melwood Avenue
  • Wandless Avenue at Centre Avenue
  • 2206 Bedford Avenue
  • 2251 Wylie Avenue


work is weather-dependent and subject to change

Locations & Schedule

Location Details:
Throughout service area

Start Date: Ongoing

Completion Date: Ongoing, with pauses during cold weather

Work Schedule: 7:00 am - 5:00 pm, M-F

Traffic Patterns: Street closures and no parking may be necessary to complete paving work.

Project Contacts

If you have questions, please contact

Construction Communications Project Manager :
Mora McLaughlin