Customer Advantage Portal

The Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority launched a new online customer portal that will enhance customer engagement, provide more self-service features, and make it easier for customers to manage their account. 

Benefits of the New Customer Advantage Portal

Using the new portal, ALL customers – residential and commercial – will only need one username and password to pay their bill, track water usage, and manage their PWSA account. Customers will no longer have to use separate systems or create multiple accounts to complete these routine tasks. 

Once registered, customers will see current and historical water usage trends, set and receive alerts for high water use, view current and historical bills, access online bill-pay, update contact information, and set communication preferences. The new portal is your one-stop-shop to manage your PWSA account! 

Tips to Create and Manage Your Account

If you are having any difficulties completing tasks or accessing information on the new Customer Advantage Portal, you can submit your issue at

  • Your PWSA account number will change to a seven-digit account number and will appear on your bill in the top right corner.
  • To create an account, enter your name exactly as it appears on your bill. 
  • Existing eBill and autopay customer accounts will automatically transfer to the new portal. Use your existing username and password to log in for the first time. Once logged in, you will be prompted to reset your password.
  • All previously saved credit card or bank account information and scheduled auto-payments will transfer to the new platform. You will not need to re-establish this information.
  • When creating your username and password in the new portal, there will be character restrictions to follow:
    • Username must be 5 to 30 characters. It may consist of a combination of letters and numbers, or the following characters  ^ . $ # @ - _ 
    • Password must be 8 to 15 characters with at least one of each of the following: lowercase letter, uppercase letter, and number. The following characters may be used, but aren’t required ! . # % & *
  • Customers can enroll multiple accounts under the same username and password. See the FAQ for more information. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Did PWSA launch a new Customer Portal?

Yes, the launch of our new Customer Portal is part of our investment in technology innovations to enhance customer engagement and expand self-service functionality. The new Customer Portal offers all customers – residential and commercial – powerful new capabilities to manage their PWSA account with ONE username and password.

What advantages does the new Customer Portal offer?

Previously, for customers to pay their bills, start or stop service, track water usage, and update contact information, they had to call customer service or log in to separate accounts. The new platform integrates these systems under a single username and password making it easier for customers to manage their account.

What features are available?

With the new Customer Portal, you can pay your bill, view billing history, and download past bills. Customers can also see their current and historical water usage, track usage trends, and receive alerts for higher-than-expected consumption with customizable communication preferences. You can also complete forms making it easier to update your contact information, start or stop service, request a refund, and more. All of these features and more are available at your fingertips under one username and password.

I have already created an online account with PWSA. Will I have to create a new account in the Customer Portal?

No, your existing account information transferred to the new Customer Portal. You will not need to re-establish your account. Simply log in using your existing username and password. Once logged in, you will be prompted to recreate your password.

Will I have to reenter payment information or re-establish autopay?

No, your previously saved credit card or bank account information and scheduled auto-payments transferred to the new portal. Please double-check the information to make sure it is accurate.

Why does the Customer Portal not recognize my account number when I try to create an account? (Existing eBill customers)

With the transition to the new Customer Portal account numbers have changed from 14 to seven (7) digits. If you have not received your current PWSA bill, please call Customer Service at 412-255-2423 and select Option 5 for assistance. If you have received your bill, the new account number is located at the top right corner of your bill.

I have multiple accounts with PWSA. Can I set those up under one master account in the new Customer Portal? (Multiple account holders)

Yes, you can add multiple accounts under one master or default account within the new Customer Advantage Portal. Once logged in to the portal, select “Settings” from the menu on the left, then select “Account Settings.” On the Account Settings page, scroll to the “Add Account” option. Enter the required information and click “Add Account.” Your account will be updated with the new account information. Repeat this process for as many accounts as you have with PWSA.

NOTE: In the new portal, to check the account balance, customers have to select specific accounts from the drop-down menu at the top left of the page.

I should have received my bill by now. Is there any chance that it was delayed due to the new Customer Portal?

Some of our billing cycles were delayed as we prepared to launch the Customer Portal. Affected customers will receive a letter in the mail from PWSA explaining the delay. Additionally, PWSA is waiving interest charges throughout the months of August and September.