2021 Water Main Replacement Program

water main replacement

PWSA is replacing 14 miles of aging water mains over the next year and a half throughout the water service area to upgrade infrastructure. As we replace water mains, we will replace hundreds of lead water service lines, improving water quality for many of our customers.

Work will take place in 10 different neighborhoods throughout the PWSA water service area. Those who will have a water main on their street replaced have received a packet in the mail detailing the lead service line replacement process that may occur at their property. The PWSA Lead Help Staff will work with residents who have lead lines to replace them at no cost. 

How is a water main replaced?

service line infographic 2021 A typical water main and service line entering a home.

The process to replace a water main begins in the design process, when engineers survey the work area to determine exactly which materials and methods will be needed to complete the work. They will take exact measurements of the street and take survey samples of the soil to draw up construction plans. After these plans are turned over to the construction team, work can begin. 

Crews will start the process by going to each property and inspecting the service line material at every property attached to the old water main. This will help determine which sites have lead service lines that need replaced. 

After verification, crews will begin to lay down the new water main. The old water main will be left in place. During water main replacement, residents can expect to see no-parking signs on their street during this work. 

The next step of the process is to run new service lines from the new water main. All publicly-owned service lines, regardless of material, will be replaced. At this point, any private lead service lines that were found will be replaced to avoid potentially harmful partial lead line replacements. 

The final step of the project is restoration of streets and sidewalks. 

Completed Neighborhoods

California-Kirkbride, Fineview

  • Morrison Street 
  • Sedgwick Street 
  • Irwin Avenue
  • Cliffton Park Street
  • McIntyre Place


Brighton Heights

  • Massachusetts Avenue
  • Falck Avenue 
  • Fleming Avenue 
  • Hubbard Street 
  • Sipe Street 


South Side Slopes - Phase I

  • Industry Street
  • Mount Oliver Street 
  • Loyal Way 
  • Saint Patrick Street 
  • Gable Street 
  • Crossman Street 
  • Magdalene Street 
  • Saint Leo Street 
  • Oporto Street 
  • Roscoe Street 
  • Monastery Avenue
  • South 18th Street
  • Monastery Place
  • Nusser Street
  • Angelo Street
  • St. Thomas Street
  • Oporto Street 
  • Roscoe Street
  • South 18th Street


Millvale (Evergreen Avenue)

Evergreen Avenue (Ohio Street - Klopfer Street)


  • Tecumseh Street
  • Langhorn Street
  • Courtland Street
  • Gloster Street
  • West Elizabeth Street
  • Blair Street

Greenfield, Squirrel Hill South

  • Murray Avenue
  • Anita Avenue
  • Morrowfield Avenue
  • Murray Avenue
  • Fernwald Road
  • Shady Avenue Extension
  • Monitor Street
  • Greenfield Avenue
  • Burchfield Avenue
  • McCaslin Street
  • Ebdy Street
  • Monteiro Street

Highland Park

  • Collins Street 
  • Bellman Way
  • North Sheridan Avenue
  • Jackson Street
  • Wellesley Avenue

South Side Slopes Phase II

  • Burham Street
  • Sumner Street
  • Stromberg Street
  • Cobden Street
  • Salisbury Street
  • Eleanor Street
  • Berg Street
  • Northview Street

Lincoln-Lemington-Belmar, Homewood North

  • Paulson Avenue 
  • Rowan Street 
  • Stranahan Street 
  • Apple Street 
  • Oberlein Street
  • Lemmington Avenue
  • Mingo Street
  • Vann Road
  • Tilden Street
  • Upland Street
  • North Homewood Avenue
  • Upland Street
  • Mount Vernon Street
  • North Lang Street
  • Chaucer Street
  • Odessa Place

Mount Washington

  • Meridan Street
  • Westwood Street
  • Meta Street
  • Smith Way
  • Wyola Street
  • Clarence Street
  • Mann Street
  • Rubicon Street
  • Cuthbert Street
  • Guerdon Way
  • Gaskell Street
  • Grace Street
  • Beam Way


Visit the neighborhood project pages for more information on construction progress or contact Construction Communications Project Manager, Mora McLaughlin, at 412-689-4137 or at mmclaughlin@pgh2o.com