Land Operations Permits

A land operations permit may be required for a construction project. This City of Pittsburgh ordinance is administered and enforced by the Department of Permits, Licenses and Inspections (PLI) but requires a review by PWSA before a permit will be issued. 

General Requirements

Backhoe dropping asphalt into back of dump truck.

The PWSA review of a land operations application is to ensure that no PWSA infrastructure is affected by the scope of work. A full submission package includes all documentation required by PLI. Generally, the documents include a permit application and drawings stamped by a certified engineer. Additionally, PWSA requires a plan that shows all water, sewer, and storm lines near the project location. 

For complete regulations and requirements, please visit PLI’s website. All questions should be referred to PLI.

Submission Requirements

To request a PWSA review of a land operations permit application, all documents must be submitted electronically via e-Builder. Open a new email to and attach your documents. Once sent, the documents will automatically be uploaded to e-Builder and logged into our review queue. 

A review fee of $80 is required.  Fees can be paid by check or money order. Cash is not accepted. Address to the attention of Permits at 1200 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15222.

Contact our Industry Relations Manager with any questions about the PWSA review or submission process.

Julie Asciolla


T: 412-255-8800 ext. 8019