2021 Street and Sidewalk Restoration Schedule

In Construction Water

After we complete a water or sewer repair, we must then come back and repave or re-concrete the area we impacted as part of our work. This multi-million dollar effort improves streets and sidewalks throughout our service area as a result of our work underground.
We are responsible for asphalt and concrete replacement after emergency water and sewer repairs or infrastructure upgrade projects. When a job is complete, the location is given to the restoration contract, which sends asphalt, concrete, and line painting crews out to restore the area to its former condition. When work happens on your street, it may be a few weeks until paving and concrete crews return. Crews move in an orderly fashion around our service area completing work, focusing on all the locations in one area before moving onto the next.

Progress & Status

Construction Complete

You can search our interactive map for upcoming and completed restoration sites by clicking here or visiting the Search All Projects page. 

Paving and concrete locations for September 14 - September 27 are as follows: 

2920 California Avenue

220 Seward Street

4207 Post Street

2680 California Avenue

Tech Street at Margaret Morrison Street

4729 Juniper Street

2507 California Avenue

5757 Bartlett Street

4610 Juniper Street

3511 Fleming Avenue

1299 Beechwood Boulevard

4718 Mossfield Street

Grand Avenue at Central Avenue

540 N. Lang Avenue

264 S. Winebiddle Street

3442 California Avenue

1248 Montezuma Street

Osceola Street at Cypress Street

4200 Evergreen Road

6371 Meadow Street

719 Cherokee Street

Grandview Avenue at Shiloh Street

623 N. Homewood Avenue

733 Anaheim Street

McClure Avenue at Woods Run

7249 Kelly Street

Bryn Mawr Road at Lyon Street

3118 Frederick Street

112 N. Homewood Avenue

2929 Webster Avenue

1 Bigelow Square

969 Oranmore Street

Wyle Avenue at Wandless Street

2615 1/2 Webster Avenue

5539 McCandless Avenue

642 Hollace Street

910 Galveston Avenue

5240 Carnegie Street

2245 Bedford Avenue

911 Galveston Avenue

5204 Butler Street

2191 Bedford Avenue

824 Blossom Way

5347 Waterford Street

19 Perry Street

1041 Phineas Street

1062 Stanton Terrace

Wylie Avenue at Kirkpatrick Street

1020 Madison Avenue

Stanton Avenue at Oranmore Street

Reed Street at Soho Street

1212 James Street

5301 McCandless Avenue

Reed Street at Kirkpatrick Street

529 Avery Street

Wickliff Street at 52nd Street

322 Meyran Street

600 River Avenue

52nd Street at Keystone Street

5424 Hampton Street

228 Federal Street

5223 Natrona Way

3279 Bigelow Boulevard at 30th Street

701 Ridge Avenue

Butler Street at McCandless Avenue

3936 Oswald Street

Allegheny Avenue at Casino Drive

52nd Street at Butler Street

39 S. 14th Street

1420 Lowrie Street

5137 Butler Street

3040 Bigelow Boulevard

1718 Ley Street

Dresden Way at 53rd Street

11 Ainsworth Street

1808 Ley Street

5300 Butler Street

1808 W. Carson Street

1836 Lowrie Street

5310 Dresden Way

277 Lelia Street

1942 Lowrie Street

Harrison Street at 54th Street

1715 Kleber Street

2106 Lowrie Street

57th Street Playground

1655 Shady Avenue

2050 Lowrie Street

515 56th Street

212 Clairhaven Street

1823 Sunderman Street

901 Highview Street

42nd Street at Garden Way

1314 Truax Way

Cornwall Street at Edlam Way

Mountain Avenue at Weinke Street

1511 Hatteras Street

Rosetta Street at N. Mathilda Street

3807 Foster Street

1626 Tinsbury Street

5523 Stanton Avenue

1600 Denniston Street at Aylesboro Avenue

1956-1960 Straubs Lane

5712 Wellesley Avenue

219 Maple Terrace at Beam Way

1922 Tours Street

Heberton Street at Jackson Street

Beethoven Street at Finland Street

1816 Rialto Street

Missouri Street at Olivant Street

301 S. Linden Avenue

1718 Rialto Street

Filbert Street and Ellsworth Avenue

3000 Liberty Avenue

1313 Tell Street

614 Morewood Avenue

3353 Ligonier Street at 34th Street

1134 High Street

6340 Marchand Street

West Carson Street (under West End Bridge)

1533 Garfield Avenue

6338 Marchand Street

3340 Smallman Street at 34th Street

519 West Jefferson Street

5021 Castleman Street

1658 Methyl Street

52 Rostock Street

333 Devonshire Street

S. Dallas Avenue at Reynolds Street

15 Solar Street

701 Filbert Street

Oak Manor Drive

1708 Homer Street

5831 Ellsworth

Sherwood Avenue at Citadel Street

512 Jacksonia Street

4754 Wallingford Street

4767 - 4766 Cypress Street

512 Alpine Avenue

5524 Kentucky Avenue

5417 Keystone Street

1529 Garfield Avenue

709 Ivy Street

Johnston Avenue at Mansion Street

1350 Federal Street

5839 Pierce Street

Coltart Avenue at Louisa Street

107 Jacksonia Street

Butler Street at Main Street

2321 La Place Street

1502 Arch Street

47th Street at Plummer Street

3805 - 2824 Howley Street

215 Alpine Street

4606 Plummer Street

307 37th Street

2300 Eccles Street

Cabinet Way at 40th Street

Penn Avenue at 34th Street

514 Chautauqua Street

4004 Cabinet Way

Schenley Drive at Frick Fine Arts

1725 Perrysville Avenue

Gross Street at Friendship Avenue

828 North Lincoln Avenue

Perrysville Avenue at Lafayette Avenue

5134 Friendship Avenue

2695 Linwood Avenue

1317 - 1325 Diana Street

344 Roup Avenue

1074 Spring Garden Avenue

14 Sprain Street

345 Roup Avenue

Freedom Street at Chelton Avenue

1719 Meadville Street

350 S. Graham Street

Pynchon Street at Warren Street

1704 Sandusky Street

205 S. Fairmount Street

7326 Monticello

93 Fountain Street

200 Amber Street

N. Beatty Street at Ainsley Street

1744 Cowley Street

S. Euclid Avenue at Eva Street

310 Sampsonia Street

1310 Sigel Street

1001 Chislett Street

738 Summerlea Street

525 Rossmore Avenue

Ellsworth Avenue at Devonshire Street

Schenley Drive

1 Penelope Street

5211 Powhattan Street

118 Miltenberger

5 Penelope Street

101 N. Dithridge Street

1931 E. Carson Street

601 Griffin Street

245 Melwood Avenue

2310 Gershon Street

239 Albert Street

S. Neville Street at Winthrop Street

213 Smithfield Street

245 Eutaw Street

121 University Place

2767 Liberty Avenue

16 Kohmeyer Lane

320 Atwood Street

109 Arion Street

81 Greenbush Street

Joncaire Street at Yarrow Way

Sorrell Street at Halsey Place

77 Cowan Street

3253 Ward Street

Butler Street at One Wild Place

179 Belonda Street

Belgreen Place at Dawson Street

Kennedy Avenue at Norwood Avenue

1000 - 1004 Leister

3401 Boulevard of the Allies

5806 Ellsworth Avenue

1718 Harpster

3114 Niagara Street

Delafield Road at 2nd Avenue

Perrysville Avenue at Federal Street

5th Avenue at Craft Avenue

Lytton Avenue at Bigelow Boulevard

2100 Pioneer Avenue

219 Robinson Street

1231 - 1321 Belasco Avenue

729 Boggs Avenue

3162 Avalon Street

4411 Stanton Avenue 

670 Southern Avenue

4301 Andover Terrace

178 43rd 1/2 Street

539 Boggs Avenue

3204 Iowa Street

1051 Welfer Street 

Boggs Avenue at Wyoming Street

370 Roup Avenue

1612 Meadville Street 

104 Southern Avenue

4901 Baum Boulevard

654 S. Neville Street

94 Southern Avenue

5906 Penn Avenue

540 Celeron Street 

342 Woodruff Street

5403 Friendship Avenue

10 Kathleen Street 

209 Kearsarge Street

S. Aiken Avenue at Coral Street

4748 Friendship Avenue 

336 Virginia Avenue

5600 Ellsworth Avenue on Ivy Street

3103 Centre Avenue 

169 Meridan Street

Filbert Street and Elmer

S. Dithridge Street  at Henry Street

160 Oneida Street

720 Filbert Street

4405 Bayard Street 

353 Grace Street

520 Ivy Street

5424 Walnut Street at Copeland Street

301 Kearsarge Street

585 S. Negley Avenue

Glen Mawr Street at Hammond Street

335 Woodruff Street

937 Ivy Street

2334 Starkamp Street 

404 Sparta Street

409 Devonshire Street

805 Heths Avenue at Springer Way 

400 Sparta Street

5884 Elmer Street

5219 Forbes Avenue 

Lovelace Street at Wallbridge Street

243 Carron Street

244 East Jefferson Street 

Lovelace Street at Weaver Street

247 Carron Street

Zero Way

1169 McCartney Street

6318 Howe Street and Cornelius Street

7435 Race Street

1413 Woodruff Street

815 Morewood Avenue

10 Denmarsh Street

329 Shaler Street

Ellsworth Avenue at Morewood Avenue

3428 Penn Avenue 

457 Augusta Street

4040 Morewood Avenue

3612 Bethoven Street 

1500 Well Street

4928 Ellsworth Avenue

Sumner Street at Barry Street

2017 S. 18th Street

St. James Street at Westminster Place

507 Lowell Street 

Fort Pitt Boulevard at Stanwix Street

St. James Street

416 Sampsonia Street 

Boulevard of the Allies

5525 Walnut Street

7017 Frankstown Avenue

1600 Rutledge Street

250 46th Street

7021 Frankstown Avenue

330 Grace Street

222 46th Street

7035 Frankstown Avenue

80 Wabash Street

Stanton Avenue at Carnegie Street

Glenbury Street at Pinecastle Avenue 

1870 Woodville Street

5169 Stanton Avenue

247 Lelia Street 

216-218 Seward Street

226 1/2 42nd Street

2205 Federal Street Ext.

217 Seward Street

4014 Liberty Avenue

290 S. Euclid Avenue

E. Woodford Avenue (Hazeldell Street - Madeline Street)

E. Woodford Avenue (Hazeldell Street - Madeline Street)


In addition to the above, Contractors shall abide by the following PWSA requirements: PWSA and our contractors are following strict guidelines established by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Pennsylvania Department of Health related to the pandemic. The following measures are to protect the health of our workers, contractors, and you, our customer. As long as it is recommended by the CDC and PA Department of Health, all our work will occur under the following guidelines: 

  • Have a Designated Representative to oversee the implementation of the contractor COVID-19 Safety Plan.
  • Have a screening process that includes temperature screenings or utilize the PWSA screening process.
  • Ensure work locations have proper handwashing facilities (if not working within a PWSA facility).
  • Meet signage requirements set forth by the Department of Transportation (DOT).
  • Self-report any signs or symptoms of COVID-19 prior to coming onsite.

Locations & Schedule

Location Details:
Throughout our service area

Work Schedule: 7:00 am - 5:00 pm, M-F

Traffic Patterns: Street closures and no parking may be necessary to complete paving work.

Project Contacts

If you have questions, please contact

Construction Communications Project Manager :
Mora McLaughlin