2022 Street and Sidewalk Restoration Schedule

In Construction Water

After we complete a water or sewer repair, we must then come back and repave or re-concrete the area we impacted as part of our work. This multi-million dollar effort improves streets and sidewalks throughout our service area as a result of our work underground.

We are responsible for asphalt and concrete replacement after emergency water and sewer repairs or infrastructure upgrade projects. When a job is complete, the location is given to the restoration contract, which sends asphalt, concrete, and line painting crews out to restore the area to its former condition. When work happens on your street, it may be a few weeks until paving and concrete crews return. Crews move in an orderly fashion around our service area completing work, focusing on all the locations in one area before moving onto the next.

Progress & Status

Construction Complete

During winter of 2022, our paving and sidewalk restoration will slow down due to inclement weather. This means that work sites that were created late in 2021 and over the winter of 2022 may remain temporarily restored until work can resume in the spring. To check  on a restoration site near you, you can search our interactive map by clicking here or visiting the Search All Projects page.

Below are sidewalk restoration sites to be completed between June 27 - July 8:

3960 Forbes Avenue

Schenley Avenue at Aisbett Street

701 Ridge Avenue

103 Morewood Avenue

1007 King Avenue

848 N. Lincoln Avenue

201 S. Atlantic Avenue

1110 De Victor Place

853 Beech Avenue

228 Cedarville Street

1129 Heberton Street

952 W. North Avenue

245 S. Pacific Avenue

1161 Portland Street

Reddour Street at W. North Avenue

434 S. Aiken Avenue

1339 Cordova Road

1018 Peralta Street

440 S. Aiken Avenue

1339 Cordova Road

1030 Peralta Street

4520 Minerva Street

232 N. Aiken Avenue

1107 Linden Place

4524 Minerva Street

5414 Kincaid Street

1216 Middle Street

4692 Lorigan Street

5420 Broad Street

603 E. Ohio Street

4768 Cypress Street

544 N. Sheridan Street

603 E. Ohio Street

4773 Scotia Street

5507 Baywood Street

613-615 Foreland Street

4784 Yew Street

5626 Callowhill Street

810 River Avenue

5171 Penn Avenue

5657 Callowhill Street

836 Suismon Street

5576 Penn Avenue

6011 Wellesley Avenue

853 S. Canal Street

Liberty at S. Mathilda Street

6314 Saint Marie Street

858 Lovitt Way

Lorigan Street at Cedarville Street

6433 Jackson Street

914 James Street

S Winebiddle Street at Harriet Street

6489 Centre Avenue

Middle Street at Suismon Street

S. Winebiddle Street at Liberty Avenue

6701 Stanton Avenue

Spring Garden Avenue at Chestnut Street

S. Winebiddle Street at Cypress Street

700 N. Aiken Avenue

Thropp Street at Middle Street

10 43rd Street

709 Casanova Way

122 Overbeck Street

146 Cotton Way

832 Farragut Street

1300 Basin Street

147 1/2 45th Street

921 Mellon Street

1315 Diana Street

148 Home Street

N. Negley Avenue at Black Street

1325 Diana Street

154 45th Street

Stanton at Collins Avenue

15 Solar Street

161 45th Street

Lemington Avenue at Wardsons Street

1509 Damas Street

255 42nd Street

7019 Kelly Street

1702 Leister Street

257 Fisk Street

7027 Idlewild Street

1957 Ley Street

294 46th Street

1200 Macon Avenue

2159 Lowrie Street

299 46th Street

1236 Windermere Drive

27 Woessner Street

30 51st Street

1236 Windermere Drive

46 Solar Street

343 42nd Street

1306 Murray Avenue

Valette Street at Queen Street

4020 Butler Street

5314 Beelermont Place

1419 Monterey Street

4021 Eden Way

619 Kirtland Street

1503 Buena Vista Street

4208 Butler Street

E. End Avenue at Guthrie Street

1527 Compromise Street

4633 Plummer Street

115 E. Elizabeth Street

1531 Garfield Avenue

4699 Eden Way

Beechwood Boulevard at Hazelwood Avenue

1725 Perrysville Avenue

46th Street at Davison Street

E. Elizabeth Street at 2nd Avenue

1728 Warren Street

4901 Butler Street

2300 Eccles Street

1815 N. Charles Street

Main Street at Butler Street

133 S. 17th Street

1922 Warren Street

122 N. Evaline Street

S. 18th Street at Sidney Street

1923 Meadville Street

400 block Fannel Street

2003 Broadway Avenue

20 Edendale Street

413 52nd Street

W. Sycamore Street at Redoak Street

2022 Drum Street

415 52nd Street

1260 Steuben Street.

2037 Osgood Street

4815 Columbo Street

129 Steuben Street

208 Carrington Street

4908 Schenley Avenue

1760 Wabash Street

208 Langley Street

4927 Breesport Street

1870 Woodville Avenue

2101 Perrysville Avenue

5024 Rosetta Street

1908 Berdella Street

211 Carrington Street

5118 Dearborn Street

42 Noblestown Road

2117 Holyoke Street

5148 Hillcrest Street

1242 Liverpool Street

2198 Clayton Avenue

5170 Hillcrest Street

1269 Decatur Street

228 E. Jefferson Street

5200 Kincaid Street

1306 Stranmore Street

256 Carrington Street

5219 Broad Street

1322 Lake Street

257 E. Jefferson Street

5324 Kincaid Street

1330 Sheffield Street

402 Sampsonia Street

5335 Broad Street

1331 Sheffield Street

414 Armandale Street

5341 Waterford Street

1403 Liverpool Street

5 Saturn Street

5355 Broad Street

1410 Adams Street

512 McClintock Avenue

54th Street at Dresden Way

1410 Chateau Street

518 Geranium Street

5712 Butler Street

1625 Allegheny Avenue

520 W. Jefferson Street

7102 Baker Street

1626 Chateau Street

525 Alpine Street

7122 Baker Street

1925 Preble Avenue

535 Melrose Avenue

7208 Butler Street

Fulton Street at Page Street

599 Sampsonia Way

941 Woodbine Street

Manhattan Street at Beldale Street

603 W. Jefferson Street

947 Woodbine Street

1010 Cedar Avenue

74 Edenvale Street

958 Oranmore Street

1112 James Street

938 Lamont Street

979 Woodbine Street

115 Parkhurst Street

Alpine Street at Arch Street

Alhambra Way at N. Pacific Avenue

1222 Boyle Street

E. Jefferson Street at Pryor Way

Coleridge Street at Brintell Street

1224 Boyle Street

Garfield Avenue at Armandale Street

Cornwall Street at Edlam Way

1240 Butterfield Way

Marquis Way

McCandless at Butler Street

220 E. General Robinson Street

Marquis Way

N. Evaline Street at Broad Street

408 W. North Avenue

Monterey Street at Armandale Street

N. Pacific Street at Shamrock Way

408 W. North Avenue

3551 Gerber Avenue


Abide by requirements set forth by the CDC and OSHA; Review and adhere to the PWSA Pandemic Preparedness Plan for COVID-19PWSA and our contractors are following guidelines established by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) related to COVID-19. The following measures are to protect the health of our workers, contractors, and you, our customer. As long as it is recommended by the CDC and PA Department of Health, all our work will occur under the following guidelines:

  • In addition to the above, Contractors shall abide by the following PWSA requirements:
  • Have a Designated Representative to oversee the implementation of the contractor COVID-19 Safety Plan
  • Ensure work locations have proper handwashing facilities and/or hygiene equipment (if not working within a PWSA facility)
  • Meet signage requirements set forth by the Department of Transportation (DOT)
  • Self-report any signs or symptoms of COVID-19 prior to coming onsite
  • Any customer who needs additional information should call PWSA Emergency Dispatch 24/7 at 412.255.2423.

Locations & Schedule

Location Details:
Throughout our service area

Work Schedule: 7:00 am - 5:00 pm, M-F

Traffic Patterns: Street closures and no parking may be necessary to complete paving work.

Project Contacts

If you have questions, please contact

Construction Communications Project Manager :
Mora McLaughlin