Right-to-Know Requests

We will provide access to and duplication of our existing records that are considered public records under the Pennsylvania Right-to-Know Law, as long as the disclosure of the records is not prohibited by any other law.

Please read our full Public Records Inspection and Duplication Policy before submitting a right-to-know request. 

According to Section 702 of the Right-to-Know Law, public bodies may fill anonymous verbal or written requests. If the requestor wishes to pursue the relief and remedies provided for in the Right-to-Know Law, the request must be in writing. 


  • Paper copies are 25 cents per page per side
  • The certification of a record is $1 per record
  • Specialized documents including, but not limited to blueprints, color copies, and non-standard sized documents will be charged the actual cost of production
  • If mailing is requested, the cost of postage will be charged
  • We require prepayment if the total fees are estimated to exceed $100


To submit a Right-to-Know Request, you can complete the webform below. You may also print the Right-to-Know Request Form and mail, email, or drop it off at our office.

Tracy Smith
Open Records Officer
Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority (PWSA)
1200 Penn Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Email: RightToKnow@pgh2o.com

If you have any questions, please call the Open Records Officer at 412-255-2376. The Open Records Officer's business hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. 

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