A permeable paver parking lane for the Maryland Avenue Stormwater Project A permeable paver parking lane for the Maryland Avenue Stormwater Project


On January 12, 2022, rate changes, including a new stormwater fee, went into effect. The new rates and the implementation of the stormwater fee reflect the ongoing renewal of our water and sewer infrastructure and will significantly change how we fund stormwater improvements.

These changes to our rates will generate $21 million in additional revenue phased in over the next two years. In 2022, revenue will increase by $17 million, and in 2023 it will increase by an additional $4 million.

Historically, we have funded stormwater services from wastewater rates that are based on water usage. Having a stormwater fee based on the hard or impervious surfaces on a property ensures that all property owners in Pittsburgh contribute a share that is proportional to the amount of runoff generated by their property. Basing the fee on hard surfaces such as roofs, driveways, and parking lots is a more equitable way to charge for stormwater and ensures that all property owners pay their fair share.

With the construction of new stormwater infrastructure that incorporates green solutions, we have made continuous strides to improve stormwater management in Pittsburgh. This past year, by taking the initial steps to develop a stormwater strategic plan, we are looking to the future to determine how we can better prepare for climate change and prioritize additional projects where they are needed most.

With the stormwater fee in place, we can more adequately address the stormwater challenges we face and over time provide multiple benefits to decrease pollution in our rivers and streams, reduce flooding, and protect residents from basement backups.