Tap Termination Permits

Any water, sewer, or storm lines proposed to be abandoned must be terminated at PWSA’s main. Prior to termination, a permit must be obtained under the following scenarios: 

  • Termination of taps is the only proposed activity 
  • No new taps are proposed.

This includes demolition of structures without any plans to rebuild.

Terminations occurring as part of a redevelopment project are to be included as part of the development permit process.

General Requirements

All termination permits require submission of drawings. Single-family homes may submit an 8 ½”  x 11” drawing. All others must submit a 24” x 36” drawing. Drawings must include all applicable PWSA standard details

Excavation and removal of existing private portions of abandoned or unused sewer laterals or water service lines are the responsibility of the owner.

All meters are property of PWSA and should be returned once line is terminated. If a tap termination permit is not issued, the property owner will continue to receive a monthly bill. NOTE: Contacting our operations department to return a meter without obtaining a termination permit will not stop the property owner from receiving a bill. 

Any work occurring in a PennDOT right-of-way will require a Highway Occupancy Permit.

Submission Requirements

The tap termination permit application and drawings must be submitted digitally via e-Builder. Approvals and revision requests will be communicated electronically through e-Builder. 

A tap termination drawing checklist is available for review. Please ensure that all items are addressed prior to submittal to expedite approval.

Tap Terminations that are proposed as part of the redevelopment of a parcel may be submitted with your tap-in drawings and do not require a separate termination permit. 

Tap Termination Fees

Currently, PWSA does not charge a termination fee. A waterline shut permit fee may be applicable for any water tap terminations. The property owner is responsible for any fees related to excavation and removal of abandoned lines and taps through a private contractor.

Contact our Development Coordinator with any questions. 

Jordan Treaster

E: jtreaster@pgh2o.com