Centre & Herron Stormwater Project

Completed Stormwater

This project at the intersection of Centre and Herron avenues directs runoff from surrounding streets into a cascading 585 foot-long bioswale, where it is absorbed by plants or soaks into the ground. Additional stormwater flows into underground storage tanks and is slowly released into the sewer system.

Progress & Status

Construction Complete
  • As one of three stormwater projects constructed in 2017 to demonstrate the use of green stormwater infrastructure, this project helps to prevent street flooding and overloading of the combined sewer system.
  • It is estimated to manage one million gallons of runoff annually.
  • It received the 2018 Sustainability Award from the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Pittsburgh Section. 

Financial Partners

  • This project was partially funded by ALCOSAN’s GROW grant program.

Locations & Schedule

Location Details:
Located in the Upper Hill District

Start Date: Summer 2017

Completion Date: Spring 2018

Map of the Centre and Herron project in the Hill District

Centre Avenue and Herron Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15219
United States

Project Contacts

If you have questions, please contact Public Affairs

Education and Outreach Associate :
Elaine Hinrichs