Curb Box Inspections

Completed Water

Curb box inspections are a low-impact way to determine the material of residential service lines throughout our water system. This data informs our Lead Service Line Replacement Program and the overall inventory of lead service lines in PWSA's water service area.
Curb boxes are a pipe that leads to the shut-off valve on a water service line. They are normally located in the sidewalk or in front of the home. Crews will inspect hundreds of curb boxes throughout the distribution system by cleaning out the curb box and televising the pipe below.

Progress & Status

Construction Complete

Crews have completed all necessary curb box inspections. This information will be used to inform customers about the quality of their drinking water, and will help us to compile an inventory report of the number of lead service lines in our distribution system. 

Locations & Schedule

Location Details:
Throughout the City of Pittsburgh

Start Date: May 2020

Completion Date: September 2020