Dragoon Way Stormwater Improvements Project

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In partnership with the City of Pittsburgh, we are planning a stormwater and roadway improvements project to address flooding issues at and around Dragoon Way in the Stanton Heights neighborhood.

Progress & Status

Construction Complete

Progress to-date includes: 

  • Installed sewer pipe, manholes in phase I of project.
  • Retention tank for Phase I zone has been delivered to site. 


Upcoming work:

  • Installation of inlets, manholes, and 15-inch sewer on Adelphia.


Construction phasing is as follows: 

  • Phase I will begin on the hillside behind Adelphia Street and in the public right-of-way on Adelphia Street. Work will last approximately four weeks.
  • Phase II will include work on Livingston Street. Work will last approximately six weeks.
  • Phase III will complete the project on Dragoon Way. Work will last approximately four weeks.
  • Phase IV will include restoration of the project area. Work will last approximately 2-3 weeks.

Work is weather dependent and subject to change.

To maintain jobsite safety for both workers and pedestrians, Adelphia Street, Livingston Street, and Dragoon Way will be closed to traffic 24/7 while the sewer and detention tanks are installed. Crews will work with residents on these blocks to access their homes during closure.


The project area is located in the A-41 sewershed, a significant contributor to combined sewer overflows (CSOs) into rivers in the Pittsburgh region. Therefore, stormwater detention and/or green infrastructure measures will be prioritized during design.

Project Components

  • Design and install infrastructure to help manage stormwater flows that are impacting private properties and the Allegheny River via CSOs
  • Prioritize stormwater detention and/or other green infrastructure systems where peak flows from the watershed can potentially be captured and managed
  • Design and install roadway improvements to enhance both road surface quality and drainage


Additional Information:

Locations & Schedule

Location Details:
Stanton Heights neighborhood

Start Date: April 2024

Completion Date: September 2024

Work Schedule: Monday – Friday from 7:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Traffic Patterns: Roadways will be closed 24/7 for the safety of workers and pedestrians. Crews will coordinate with residents to access their property.

Map showing the location of the Dragoon Way project area within the Stanton Heights neighborhood

Dragoon Way
Pittsburgh, PA 15201
United States

Project Contacts

If you have questions, please contact

Construction Communications Project Manager :
Mora McLaughlin