Highland I Reservoir Security Improvements

Completed Water

To maintain the open Highland I Reservoir as a public amenity, we are constructing several projects to meet stricter state water quality regulations and security improvements. These projects will improve the security of our drinking water.

Progress & Status

Construction Complete

Restoration of the parapet wall around the Highland I Reservoir

  • Construction of the parapet wall is mostly complete. The contractor is finishing the caulking of the joints along the wall and is completing the installation of the railing. 
  • Once the contractor finishes this remaining work, the City's paving contractor will restore the walkway around the reservoir. 
  • While construction is taking place, the walkway around the reservoir will remain closed. 

Completed Projects

  • Installation of ultraviolet disinfection at the Membrane Filtration Plant (MFP) on Reservoir Drive
  • Installation of security cameras to provide a 360-degree view of the reservoir and surrounding walkway

Press Release: Restoration of Parapet Wall Begins

Locations & Schedule

Start Date: Spring 2019

Completion Date: Summer 2020

Work Schedule: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday

Traffic Patterns: The walkway around the Highland I Reservoir is closed

Map of the Highland I Reservoir in Highland Park

Highland Park Reservoir
Pittsburgh, PA 15206
United States

Project Contacts

If you have questions, please contact the Project Manager

Project Manager :
Brad McShane
412-255-8800 ext 2504

If you have questions, please contact Public Affairs

Senior Manager, Public Affairs :
Rebecca Zito