Highland Reservoir Pump Station and Rising Main

In Construction Water Reliability Plan

To modernize our water infrastructure and add redundancy and resiliency throughout our drinking water system, we will construct a new pump station and rising main in Highland Park. These projects will serve the Highland Reservoir service area.

Progress & Status

Construction Complete

PWSA will begin Phase II traffic impacts starting Monday, May 23rd. Underlined traffic impacts indicate which traffic patterns are in effect right now.


Rising Main construction began in December 2022, starting on Mellon Terrace, near the existing pump station. Work to construct the new pump station is anticipated to begin in 2023.

  • Redeveloping the pump station located in Highland Park near Mellon Terrace
  • Installing a 48-inch new rising main to connect the new pump station to the Highland I Reservoir System, which serves approximately 50% of our customers
  • Replacing the original supply main that carries water from the Highland II Reservoir to the pump station

PHASE 1 TRAFFIC IMPACTS: Mellon Terrace, December 5, 2022 - May 2023

  • Crews will repair a large-diameter sewer main near the pump station before other water main work can begin. Construction delays have impacted this phase of work. Completion of the sewer is slated for April 2023.
  • Both sides of Mellon Terrace (N. Negley Avenue - Mellon Street) will be closed to traffic. 
  • Traffic will be detoured on Callowhill and Elgin Street during this time. 

PHASE 2 TRAFFIC IMPACTS: Mellon Terrace, Mid-May 2023

  • Crews will install new rising main on Mellon Terrace. Work will take approximately 8 weeks. 
  • After main work is complete, the street will remain closed to traffic and will act as a staging area for project materials. 
  • The direction of the other side of  Mellon Terrace will be reversed and will act as the detour for the reservoir-side of the street.

PHASE 3 TRAFFIC IMPACTS: Intersection of Mellon Street and Bunkerhill Street, Summer 2023

  • Crews will make connections on large-diameter water main within intersection. 
  • Work will occur over a weekend and will occur around the clock to finish as quickly as possible. 
  • Traffic coming from the zoo will be rerouted through Highland Park.


Additional Information 


Locations & Schedule

Start Date: December 2022

Completion Date: Summer 2025

Approximate infrastructure locations of Pump Station project

Negley Avenue and Mellon Terrace
PIttsburgh, PA 15206
United States

Project Contacts

If you have questions, please contact

Construction Communication Project Manager :
Mora McLaughlin