Hillcrest Stormwater Project

Completed Stormwater

This stormwater project demonstrates the use of green stormwater solutions and beautified two vacant lots in the Garfield Neighborhood. We converted the lots into a stormwater park with rain gardens, bioretention, and trees.

Progress & Status

Construction Complete
  • The project captures stormwater runoff from areas directly uphill from Hillcrest Street.
  • It redirects stormwater into a series of planted bioswales that filter water and slowly release it into the combined sewer system after storm events.
  • Additional curb extensions, sidewalk improvements, and storm inlets help to address existing runoff and drainage issues and increase the total volume of stormwater managed at the site.
  • It is estimated to control one million gallons of runoff annually.

Financial Partners

  • This project was partially funded by ALCOSAN’s GROW grant program.

Locations & Schedule

Location Details:

Start Date: Summer 2017

Completion Date: Fall 2018

Map of the Hillcrest project within the Garfield neighborhood

Hillcrest Street and Donna Street
Pittsburgh, PA
United States