Lawn & Ophelia Stormwater Project

In Planning Stormwater

The Lawn and Ophelia Parklet is a city-owned park located in the South Oakland neighborhood of Pittsburgh. This stormwater project will help to manage 1.5 inches of rain from 1.86 acres of impervious surfaces like roofs and pavement using green infrastructure.

Progress & Status

Design Complete

After conducting an internal review of an earlier design for this project, we completed the planning process with a new, more cost-effective concept to manage stormwater. The revised design includes: 

  • A rain garden located within the parklet
  • Subsurface stormwater detention (storage) beneath the rain garden
  • Landscaping
  • Additional trees
  • A surface path
  • Seating blocks in the park 
  • A crosswalk at the intersection of Lawn and Ophelia street
  • Drainage improvements in the public right-of-way on Lawn and Ophelia streets

Financial Partners

  • This project is partially funded by ALCOSAN’s GROW grant program.

Additional Information

Locations & Schedule

Start Date: Construction expected to start in June 2022.

Completion Date: Construction expected complete in Fall 2022.

Google map image of the Lawn and Ophelia project area

Lawn Street and Ophelia Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
United States

Project Contacts

If you have questions, please contact the Project Manager

Project Manager :
Maria Natoli
412-255-8800 ext 2604

If you have questions, please contact Public Affairs

Education and Outreach Associate :
Elaine Hinrichs