Volunteers Field Drainage & Regrading Project

In Construction Stormwater

We are partnering with the City of Pittsburgh to manage stormwater at Volunteers Field, a city park located in the Carrick neighborhood, by renovating its ballfields with regrading and better drainage.

Progress & Status

Construction Complete

This project is one of several stormwater improvement projects happening in Saw Mill Run as part of the larger Saw Mill Run Integrated Watershed Management Plan. Managing and capturing stormwater in the park will help to reduce sediment and improve water quality throughout Saw Mill Run.

Phase One: Rain Garden

Phase Two: Ballfield Drainage & Regrading

These project improvements will help decrease field flooding, improve playability, and reduce sediment erosion into the storm sewers and Saw Mill Run:

  • Regraded Ballfield 1 to redirect stormwater and improve playability
  • Replaced existing infield mix at Ballfields 1 and 2 with a sandier soil to enhance infiltration and improve playability
  • Eliminated storm inlets on Ballfield 2 foul lines that frequently clogged
  • Installed an underground drainage system under Ballfield 2
  • Constructed a rain garden next to Ballfield 1

Construction Updates*

  • July: Installed erosion and sediment controls and began construction during the last week of July. 
  • August: Excavated and removed ballfield soils as part of the regrading. The City of Pittsburgh hauled away infield mix to be reused. Started electrical work for ballfield facilities. 
  • September: Electrical work for ballfield facilities. Trucked in infield mix and started spreading topsoil and infield mix onto Ballfield 1. Installed underground drainage pipes on Ballfield 2. Began concrete work next to Ballfield 1. Began re-seeding Ballfield 1 in late September.
  • October: Completed concrete work next to Ballfield 1. Finished spreading topsoil on Ballfield 2 and infield mix on Ballfields 1 and 2. Completed rain garden excavations. Continued re-seeding Ballfields 1 and 2.
  • November: Finished re-seeding Ballfields 1 and 2, planting the rain garden, installing the bases, restoring the fence, and patching asphalt. As of November 17, construction was complete other than new foul line poles on Ballfield 1.
  • December: Remaining work is to replace the foul line poles on Ballfield 1 once they are delivered.  

*Schedule could change due to weather, unforeseen site conditions, etc.

Additional Information 

Locations & Schedule

Location Details:
Carrick Neighborhood

Start Date: Construction started July 27, 2022

Completion Date: Construction expected complete December 2022. Ballfield 1 will be closed for a turf restoration period after construction is complete to allow vegetation to re-establish.

Traffic Patterns: The Volunteers Field parking lot will be used as a construction staging area. Road closures are not expected. Ballfields 1, 2, and 4 are closed during renovations.

Map of Volunteers Field park with the ballfield names labeled

Volunteers Field
Pittsburgh, PA 15210
United States

Project Contacts

If you have questions, please contact the Project Manager

Project Manager :
Ana Bennett
412-255-8800 ext. 8035

If you have questions, please contact Public Affairs

Education and Outreach Associate :
Elaine Hinrichs