Residential Permits

Special Notice

PWSA offices are currently closed to the public and permitting staff is working from home. Please review our temporary policies and procedures for guidance on obtaining water and sewer permits. These policies are effective beginning May 1st, 2020 until further notice. 

Single-family homes that require new water and/or sewer taps or are reconnecting to an existing water and/or sewer service can apply for permits over-the-counter. This includes any partyline separations.

General Requirements

PWSA employee filling out paperwork.

Residential permits do not require tap-in drawings unless work involves:

  • A single-family home with fire protection service
  • A lot has been subdivided 
  • More than 2 homes are being constructed as part of a planned development
  • More than 2 taps are to be terminated
  • Taps located on more than one lot are to be terminated

If your project includes any of the above, please review the development permit requirements or tap termination permit requirements.

Any work occurring within a PennDOT right-of-way will require a PennDOT Highway Occupancy Permit.

Submission Requirements

All residential permits require a submission of the Residential Application

All permit applications must be submitted in person at the Permit Counter at 1200 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh PA 15222. Fees can be paid for at the counter by check, money order, or credit card. Cash is not accepted. 


A new construction single-family home is equal to 1 EDU. Tap fees for 1 EDU are $2,224 for water and $2,978 for sewer.

In addition to the tap fees, applicants must purchase the tap connection and the meter. This cost will vary based on size.

Typical connections for a single-family home are 1" service line and 5/8" meters at a total cost of $412.63. Please see our fee schedule for other sizes.

Standard Details

Although residential permits are not subject to tap-in plan review, PWSA standard details still apply. 

Review Standard Details

Any questions should be directed to Permits at 412-255-2423  ext. 8030 or by emailing