Four Mile Run Early Action Projects

Completed Stormwater

In early December 2019 we began the construction of two green infrastructure projects that will help to manage stormwater within Four Mile Run. These engineered drainage channels, are being built in Schenley Park along Overlook Drive and next to the Bridle Trail.

Progress & Status

Construction Complete
  • Part of the larger Four Mile Run Stormwater Project, which encompasses Schenley Park and several Pittsburgh neighborhoods including Greenfield, Hazelwood, Oakland, Squirrel Hill, and the Run.
  • Two drainage channels will help to capture rainwater, reduce erosion in the park, and slow down water running from the top of Schenley Park to Naylor Street in the Run. 
  • Drainage channels, also called detention swales, are shallow trenches with sides sloping towards the center that capture and direct rainwater. They create a path where water can flow.
  • Before the projects, stormwater from this area was mostly unmanaged. It flowed off the steep hillside from Overlook Drive to the Bridle Trail below and further downhill, where it caused flooding. It also caused the combined sewer system to overflow into downstream neighborhoods and properties.

Locations & Schedule

Location Details:
Overlook Drive and the Bridle Trail in Schenley Park

Start Date: December 2019

Completion Date: August 2020

3D rendering of the Overlook Drive and Bridle Trail project areas within Schenley Park

1 Overlook Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15217
United States

Project Contacts

If you have questions, please contact Public Affairs

Senior Manager, Public Affairs :
Rebecca Zito