Four Mile Run Stormwater Project

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The Four Mile Run Stormwater Project encompasses Schenley Park and several Pittsburgh neighborhoods including Garfield, Hazelwood, Oakland, and Squirrel Hill. This project will capture and route stormwater through a natural channel that will follow the path of the historic streams that formed Four Mile Run from Panther Hollow Lake to the Monongahela River. It will help to reduce combined sewer overflows, basement backups, and neighborhood flooding.

Progress & Status

Design Complete

Public Comment

On December 26th, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection posted the Four Mile Run Stormwater project in the Pennsylvania Bulletin, thus beginning the 30-day public comment period. Members of the public wishing to comment on the project can mail a statement to Dana Drake, Waterways and Wetlands Program Manager, 400 Waterfront Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15222-4745.

Plans for the Mon-Oakland Mobility project were included with the permit application. To review and comment on the plans for the mobility project, please use visit the Mon-Oakland Mobility Project website

The Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority in cooperation with the City of Pittsburgh submitted a joint permit application to the Army Corps of Engineers. They opened the public comment period on December 3, 2020 and accepted public comment until January 3, 2021. Comments from the public are considered in the overall review process. 

Panther Hollow Lake

  • Stormwater improvements to Panther Hollow Lake will enable us to manage the depth of the lake and control the volume of water entering the combined sewer system. 
  • The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is requiring a dam permit for the lake. 
  • We are working to obtain the necessary permits and meet safety regulations. 

Junction Hollow: Stormwater improvements will follow the path of the former Junction Hollow Stream. This portion of the project will channel rainwater, restore streambanks, and plant native and climate tolerant vegetation. 

Connection to the River: A deep gravity pipe will be installed to convey stormwater from Schenley Park and the Run Neighborhood to the Monongahela River. 

Project Costs: The Four Mile Run Stormwater project uses the most cost-effective strategies to minimize flooding. The total project cost is approximately $28 million and includes the following: 

  • Design easement, permitting, and modeling fees: ~$7 million
  • Stream and Panther Hollow Lake and Dam: ~$1.5 million
  • 50-inch water line relocation: ~$6 million
  • Stormwater pipeline: $10 million
  • Construction Management & Inspection: ~$2.5 million
  • Future maintenance costs for operation of system: ~$500,000 - $1 million

Community Meetings

Additional Information

Locations & Schedule

Start Date: Design Started: May 2018. Construction Expected: Summer 2021 (will begin after permits are approved)

Completion Date: Design Completion: Fall 2020. Construction Completion: There are multiple phases to the overall Four Mile Run Stormwater Project. Work will continue for several years.

Map of Four Mile Run showing its boundaries, neighborhoods, and connection to the Monongahela River

Schenley Park
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
United States

Project Contacts

If you have questions, please contact the Project Manager

Chief of Program Management :
Alex Sciulli
412-255-8800 x5504

If you have questions, please contact Public Affairs

Senior Manager, Public Affairs :
Rebecca Zito