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The initial design of the Four Mile Run Stormwater Project encompassed Schenley Park and several Pittsburgh neighborhoods including Greefield, Hazelwood, Oakland, and Squirrel Hill. The project was planned to capture and route stormwater through a natural channel that will follow the path of the historic streams that formed Four Mile Run from Panther Hollow Lake to the Monongahela River. It will help to reduce combined sewer overflows, basement backups, and neighborhood flooding. 

Progress & Status

Design Complete

Panther Hollow Lake: Stormwater improvements to Panther Hollow Lake will enable us to manage the depth of the lake and control the volume of water entering the combined sewer system. 

Junction Hollow: Stormwater improvements will follow the path of the former Junction Hollow Stream. This portion of the project will channel rainwater, restore streambanks, and plant native and climate tolerant vegetation. 

Connection to the River: A deep gravity pipe will be installed to convey stormwater from Schenley Park and the Run Neighborhood to the Monongahela River. 

Project Costs: The Four Mile Run Stormwater project uses the most cost-effective strategies to minimize flooding. The total project cost is approximately $42.65 million and includes the following: 

Project Component Cost
Design, Easement, Permitting, and Modeling Fees $8.5 million
Early Action Projects $537,000
M-29 Outfall Improvement Project $3.6 million
Large Diameter Water Main Relocation $9 million
Stream and Panther Hollow Lake and Dam $4.5 million
Stormwater Pipeline $13 million
Construction Management and Inspection $2.5 million
Future Maintenance and Operation $1 million











Past Community Meetings

Additional Information 

Detailed Project Schedule

Project Phase Status Construction Expected
Early Action Projects: Overlook and Bridle Trail Completed December 2019 - August 2020
M-29 Outfall Improvement Project Completed June 2021 - June 2022
Large Diameter Water Main Relocation  In Design Spring 2022 - Early 2023
Stormwater Phase 1: Mon River to Saline Street In Design Mid 2022
Stormwater Phase 2: Boundary Street to Soccer Field In Design  Early 2023
Stormwater Phase 3: Stream Daylighting In Design Mid 2023
Stormwater Phase 4: Connect Panther Hollow In Design Early 2024
Stormwater Phase 5: Restoration In Design 2024













Locations & Schedule

Map of Four Mile Run Waershed and Schenley Park

Schenley Park
Pittsburgh , PA 15213
United States

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Senior Manager, Public Affairs :
Rebecca Zito