Thomas & McPherson Stormwater Project

Completed Stormwater

We are building cost-effective and efficient stormwater solutions in this area of North Point Breeze to capture, hold, and slowly release stormwater runoff.

Progress & Status

Construction Complete

This area flows to the A-42 Sewershed; one of the largest sewersheds and highest combined sewer overflow contributors in Pittsburgh to the rivers. This project aims to manage runoff from 12 impervious acres in the surrounding area.

Stormwater Solutions

    • Gravel stormwater storage under the center medians of Thomas and McPherson Boulevards
    • Permeable paver parking lanes along North Linden Avenue with underground gravel stormwater storage
    • Gravel stormwater storage under the road along North Dallas Avenue
    • Permeable paver "green alley" with underground gravel stormwater storage in Starling Way

    Water Main Improvements

    • Replaced the existing water mains along McPherson Boulevard between Fifth Avenue and North Dallas Avenue and along North Linden Avenue between McPherson Boulevard and Thomas Boulevard.
    • Also replaced all public service lines and any private lead service lines connected to those water mains.
    • By coordinating the stormwater, water main replacement, and lead service line replacement projects, we minimized disruptions and more efficiently managed costs.

    Construction Updates*

      • Week of December 19
        • McPherson Blvd from Fifth Ave to N Dallas Ave may be closed as needed during work hours. Continue work on restoration items. Expect to continue work on manholes and sewer lines. 
        • N Linden Ave from Thomas Blvd to Simonton St may be closed as needed during work hours. Continue work on restoration items.
        • Starling Way from N Dallas Ave to N Murtland St open to traffic. Continue work on restoration items.
        • N Dallas Ave from Thomas Blvd to McPherson Blvd may be closed as needed during work hours. Continue work on restoration items. 
      • Note: Due to winter weather, expect asphalt paving restoration on N Dallas Ave from Simonton St to Starling Way and on Simonton St next to N Dallas Ave in spring 2023. 

      *Schedule could change due to weather, unforeseen site conditions, etc.

        Financial Partners

        • This project is partially funded by ALCOSAN’s GROW grant program.

        Additional Information:

        Locations & Schedule

        Location Details:
        6700-6800 Thomas and McPherson boulevards, North Linden and North Dallas avenues from McPherson to Thomas boulevards, and Starling Way

        Map of Thomas and McPherson Stormwater Project in North Point Breeze

        Thomas Blvd
        Pittsburgh, PA 15208
        United States