Woods Run Stormwater Project: Phase One

Completed Stormwater

Riverview Park is a city park located in the Perry North neighborhood. This project will use green stormwater infrastructure and tree plantings in the park to capture rainwater runoff.

Progress & Status

Construction Complete

Phase One: Riverview Avenue

  • Rain garden installations along Riverview Avenue.
  • These improvements will reduce park flooding, erosion, and combined sewer overflows to the Ohio River.
  • Construction of the rain gardens began in October 2019.

Landslide Remediation Project

  • Winter of 2019-2020: A landslide occurred on the hillside above the recently constructed Horseshoe Bend rain garden. Given the impacts on the rain garden, PWSA began designing plans to stabilize the landslide and repair the rain garden. 
  • August 2021: PWSA received construction funding approval from the PWSA Board of Directors.
  • September 2021: Our contractor Eisler Landscapes began construction at Horseshoe Bend. The remediation work included stabilizing the hillside above the rain garden and restoring the drainage channel and rain garden that were clogged by the landslide.
  • Winter 2021-2022: The landslide restoration and plantings of the vegetated areas were completed. Please be patient while the new plantings grow in. 

Phase Two: Mairdale Avenue

Financial Partners

  • This project is partially funded by ALCOSAN’s GROW grant program.

Additional Information

Locations & Schedule

Location Details:
Riverview Avenue at Watson’s Run (1) and Horseshoe Bend (2)

Start Date: October 2019. Landslide Remediation: Fall 2021

Completion Date: Landslide Remediation completed December 2021. Plantings seeded and are growing in.

Map of Riverview Park showing phase 1 and phase 2 project areas

Riverview Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15214
United States

Project Contacts

If you have questions, please contact the Project Manager

Project Manager :
Ana Bennett
412-255-8800 ext. 8035