PGH2O Cares

Mother hugging son Our PGH2O Cares Team will help you determine which of our customer assistance programs is right for you!

The PGH2O Cares team is a group of education and outreach professionals dedicated to working directly with our most vulnerable customers to bolster enrollment in our customer assistance programs and identify ways to reduce water usage

Outreach and education are the primary focus of the PGH2O Cares team. They are passionate about the one-on-one work they will be doing with customers and look forward to building relationships with those who need extra support. 

The PGH2O Cares team will directly with customers to:

  • Describe our customer assistance programs in greater detail and explain the benefits of enrolling. 
  • Ensure eligible customers are enrolling in the programs and getting the assistance they need.
  • Review water usage to identify where customers can reduce their monthly bill.
  • Teach customers how to use our water usage portal, make sure they register, and brainstorm solutions to save on their monthly water and wastewater bill. 

PGH2O Cares is a proactive feature of our existing customer assistance programs. We are proud to expand these programs and offer personalized support. No one should have to choose between paying for water and other essential expenses. The PGH2O Cares team will help you determine which of our assistance programs are best for you. 

PGH2O Cares Contact Info

Phone: 412-255-2457